The smart Trick of QuEChERS Kits That Nobody is Discussing

Forensic science labs can benefit from a new kit that is specifically designed for QuEChERS. These kits utilize salt precipitation and QuEChERS extract salts to obtain metabolites from biological samples like urine, blood or organs. They can attain high levels of reproducibility using the same amount of sample. Micro volume kits require only one fifth of the sample volume to be extracted each step. Get more information about QuEChERS Kits

The QuEChERS kit contains everything you need to make a rapid sample. These kits include dispersive materials that are prepackaged extraction salts, extraction salts and ceramic homogenizers. They also include chemical standards for regulatory methods. Agilent Technologies is a global leader in diagnostics, life sciences and applied chemical markets. Agilent’s aim is to provide trusted solutions to customers’ most urgent concerns and issues all over the world is its goal.

The QuEChERS extraction kit includes salts that are preweighed in an anhydrous package that can be used during the first step. To avoid exothermic reactions the salts can then be added to the sample after the organic solvent has been added. Kits are available for both AOAC or EN methods. They also allow for non-buffered extraction, acrylamide analysis, and non-buffered extraction. These kits are time-saving, high-quality and have excellent rates of recovery.

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