The Sporty Diamond Tennis Bracelets Story

As an absolute style must-have, nothing beats the elegance of the diamond tennis bracelet. This design, consisting of a simple line of beautifully set, matching diamonds worn around the wrist has been in vogue for decades.

Although the concept, originally referred to as an eternity or line bracelet, has been a favourite for generations, its current name is relatively young. Diamonds South Africa

The term ‘Tennis Bracelet’ was coined during the 1987 U.S. open when a chic young tennis champion called Chris Evert stopped play. She had word her precious diamond bracelet to court that day, and played so vigorously that the clasp broke. In sheer panic the sport star initiated an emergency search before play could continue. When the renegade jewel was found, the camera zoomed in for a close-up and millions of women across the globe desired one just like it.

Although fine jewellery is not typically considered sports accessories, high end jewellers had to start adding safely chains and clips to their eternity bracelets as selling points for the active diamond lover. Think Serena Williams and you’re on the right track.

Today tennis bracelets are available in a multitude of styles to fit any taste and lifestyle. So where can you find the perfect tennis bracelet for your divine wrist?

With South Africa producing the crème de la crème of diamonds, lovers of fine jewellery flock this way to find their timeless pieces. And when it comes to the best selection of diamond tennis bracelets Cape Town sports the winning jewel.

At Mark Solomon Jewellers we not only have the largest selection of tennis bracelet styles, we hand-set our 18ct white, yellow, rose and two-tone bracelets with perfectly calibrated diamonds in a selection of sizes and colour grades. This means we can offer the perfect bracelet at the perfect price to suit any budget. Cape Town Jewellers

So ladies, whether you’re a sporty style icon, or prefer a lifestyle of leisure, look no further than Mark Solomon Jewellers in Sea Point, Cape Town for your timeless diamond tennis bracelet.

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