The Story Behind the Magical Realism of Rob Gonsalves


Rob Gonsalves was an esteemed Canadian artist renowned for his contributions to the genre of magical realism. His works—characterized by the incorporation of extraordinary elements into mundane scenes—are a testament to the evolution of realism in art. You can enjoy them at home or in your office with Rob Gonsalves prints.


The roots of magical realism can be traced back to the realism movement of the 19th century, which was initiated by French artists Jean-Francois Millet and Gustave Courbet. Prior to them, romantic period artists were more inclined towards idealized representations of reality, often favoring beauty and perfection in various forms of art.


However, Courbet deviated from this and pledged to paint only what he could see. He dismissed the academic standards and stylization typical of romanticism, choosing instead to explore controversial social issues in his works. His subjects often depicted what was regarded as vulgar during his time, such as the rural bourgeoisie, peasants, and the living conditions of the less fortunate. Along with Jean-Francois Millet and Honoré Daumier, Courbet’s work laid the foundation for the realism movement. This movement further evolved with the advent of photography, as it captured reality in a moment in time, which allowed artists to gain inspiration from these captured instances rather than relying solely on posed models.


Rob Gonsalves merged his architectural background with his unique artistic perspective, which led to a distinct style that played with reality. Influenced by the realism movement of the 19th century and the photography of his time, Rob Gonsalves’s prints are around his personal experiences. His works drew inspiration from the architecture of Toronto and New York, the night skies, and the rugged landscapes of Eastern Ontario, where he settled in 2001.


Despite his passing in 2017, Gonsalves’ legacy continues to be preserved by his family. His ingenious manipulation of perspectives, scale, and points of view in two dimensions, skills honed from his architectural studies, are still evident in his art. Gonsalves himself acknowledged art as a quest for the perfect viewpoint – where the magic and wonder of life are revealed not as an illusion but as a truth often overlooked.


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