The Strength of The Front Fly Line First Affects Knotting

As PE wire fly line becomes the higher popular type of wire nowadays, the test methods for the matching front wire may also be more diverse.  Incorporated within this, most likely probably the most generally used and relatively strong knotting strategy is FG/GT knot.

This fly line type of knot is well known in fishing circles like lures. More than 80% of anglers use this type of knot, but whichever kind of knot, it’ll be more or maybe more following a knot is tied.”

First, we tested the higher common figures of three kinds of PE braided wires: .6, 1. and two. are eight-strand braided. These 3 figures and specifications are usually found in freshwater fishing along with a couple of saltwater fishing. The key wire includes fluorocarbon wire.

There are numerous kinds of winding figures while tying FG knots, including 8, 10, 12 groups, etc. We mainly play 12 groups, and finally, utilize the fired remaining thread to correct the conclusion. The following tests be a consequence of this method, and so I will not try it again.

Within the comparison results, the conventional binding system does not need any enhancement, it basically meets the stress choice of the FG fly line knot, and could basically take care of the tension retention of 82~87%, nevertheless the thicker the wire, the knot The pressure can also be slightly reduced, but it is basically while using FG tensile value range (about 80%).


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