The Superfood You Might Not Know About—Why You Should Add Hemp to Your Diet

CBD Oil, CBD Softgels, CBD Spray - collection shotThese days, superfoods are all the rage. A superfood is essentially a food that packs loads of nutrients and benefits in a tiny package. From kale to flax seeds, there are tons of them out there, but there’s one that isn’t getting the credit it deserves—hemp! Companies like Manitoba Harvest are bringing it to the mainstream with premium, nutritious, body-loving hemp products.

Here are a few of the benefits and reasons to add a little bit of hemp love into your diet.

Hemp’s Long History

The hemp plant is incredible because of its versatility. People have used every part of the hemp plant for a variety of purposes. From food to clothing to building materials, hemp is a truly mighty plant. Even to this day, we’re still learning more about hemp, hemp oil uses, and how it promotes balance and harmony within our bodies. There’s seemingly endless potential for this plant, and we’re just now starting to learn more about its myriad of wellness benefits.

The Super-Strong Hearts of Hemp

Hemp hearts themselves pack a ton more benefits than other traditional seeds like flax and chia seeds. In the same serving size, hemp hearts include double the amount of protein, more omega fatty acids, and around half the carbs. Vegetarians and vegans love hemp hearts because they can help supplement their protein intake with high-powered plant goodness. Hemp hearts are also great complements to an omnivore diet, and they’re delicious in a ton of recipes.

The Nutrient-Dense Power of Hemp

Every serving of hemp hearts offers a trio of omegas, including omega-3, omega-6, and Gamma-Linolenic Acid (GLA), to help support overall well-being. Hemp hearts also provide magnesium, fiber, iron, zinc, and other nutrients to help support a complete, wholesome diet. They have a light, nutty flavor, which makes them super versatile and complement a variety of other flavors and recipes from breakfast to dessert.

Tons of Ways to Enjoy Hemp

The best part about hemp is that you can enjoy itin a variety of ways. From smoothies and shakes made with CBD hemp protein powder to hemp hearts in yogurt and hemp-based CBD oil, the options are seemingly endless. One thing is for sure, as you venture out online to buy CBD oil and other hemp products, you want to make sure you’re shopping with a leading hemp producer. Look for experience, dedication to the plant, and premium offerings that fit your lifestyle and needs.

About Manitoba Harvest

With more than 20 years of experience, Manitoba Harvest is a leader in hemp foods, and they are now offering Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract. Manitoba Harvest loves the healthy, wholesome nature of hemp. They aren’t just experts—they’re hemp’s biggest fans! Their goal is to help you with day-to-day life and everyday stress by promoting balance and calm. Manitoba Harvest offers high-quality Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract products including sprays, oils, and protein powders, as well as hemp oil, granola with hemp, hemp bars, and more. Hemp yeah!

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