The Taste of Tradition: Why Wood-Fired Pizza is the Best


Wood-fired ovens are the perfect recipe for some of the best tasting pizzas around. Pizzas made in wood-fired ovens are different from those cooked in regular pizza ovens in that the heat source comes from all around, creating an even temperature and adding a smoky flavour to the food that makes it irresistible to eat. But it’s more than just the food itself that makes wood-fired pizza so special – they’re also part of the cultural identity of many areas of Italy and other countries around the world where they have been used since ancient times. So, it’s best if you consider woodfired pizza for mobile pizza catering Sydney for your upcoming event.

Cooks Quicker Than A Conventional Oven

A wood-fired pizza oven can reach extremely high temperatures, upwards of 900 degrees Fahrenheit. This allows the pizza to cook very quickly, usually in two to three minutes. The high heat also causes the pizza dough to puff up and creates a crispy crust. In addition, the intense heat burns off any moisture on the outside of the dough which results in a crispier texture. And, it is best for pizza catering Sydney.

Retains Freshness and Quality

There’s something about wood-fired pizza that just tastes better. Maybe it’s the fact that the pizza is cooked in a brick oven, or maybe it’s because the dough has a chance to rise before being placed in the oven. Whatever the reason, wood-fired pizza is simply superior to any other type of pizza.

Enhances The Food’s Flavours

There’s something about wood-fired pizza that just can’t be beat. The flavour of the wood smoke infuses into the pizza, enhancing the flavour of the cheese and tomato sauce. An all-wood fire means more flavour: Wood produces smoke and ash that infuses the pizza with natural flavours that aren’t found in conventional ovens that use gas or electric heating elements. The wood used for cooking is made from many different types of trees including oak, hickory, apple, cherry and maple. Plus, the high heat cooks the pizza quickly, giving it a crispy crust that you can’t get from a traditional oven. When it comes to pizza, wood-fired is definitely the way to go!

Cooks At An Even Temperature

A wood-fired pizza oven cooks at an even temperature, so your pizza will be cooked evenly from crust to topping. This means that you won’t have to worry about the cheese being burnt while the dough is still raw.


There’s something about wood-fired pizza that just can’t be beat. Maybe it’s the intense heat that sears the perfect crust onto each pie. Or maybe it’s the smoky flavour that infuses each bite. Whatever the reason, one thing is for sure: wood-fired pizza is simply the best. If you haven’t tried it yet, you’re missing out. Head to your nearest wood-fired pizzeria and taste the difference for yourself, and choose mobile woodfired pizza Sydney for your next event.

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