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Some of the 스포츠중계 equipment celebrated at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona includes information to fully enjoy the world of the ball, car advertising for toys, and climbing shoes with 3D technology or an electrocardiogram with patch volume.

The instruments offered are of various kinds: some designed for professionals to have additional analytical material; others designed for viewing entertainment and a third designed for an athlete to better understand their body.

Ball Translate, by Korea Target Broad, out.

It is an application that brings together intellectual property of a higher level of education used by the middle class worldwide. Speaking of EFE, the company’s CEO, So Jin Jang, said the app will allow “football fans” to see the number of players, even predict the future and bring back the best players of the game: all automatic and real.

Telephonic, together with information from its partner Ericsson, has introduced a system for the automatic transmission of football at the congress, an opportunity also appreciated by information, which also requires 5G technology.

This service is already included in the Razors game on the Decorative de la Koruna, but it can also reduce shipping costs in the form of low or very small volumes.

Humana, on Phone,

Offers smart shin guards on mobile, adopted by the best teams that can monitor players’ heart rate or temperature regulation.

The company also introduced the Hour Cardio Patch, a band that can measure temperature and heart rate for up to 24 hours: no band needed, weighs just 10 grams and is 55 millimeters high and 4 millimeters wide. Okay

Barcelona Activate, the economic development company of the Catalan capital, has announced 12 emerging companies in the sports sector that it will support in the coming months.

Athos was one of them, who designed a high-heeled shoe printed with 3D technology to adapt the shape of each foot.

Next up is Reboots, which has developed ski boots that have a design that doesn’t fit the foot or ankle so that the ski is as comfortable as the way to go in any sport.

Each helmet has more than one rotating ring with an adjustable motion sensor, which is useful in the city for buying scooters and machines.

It’s a TICC, the lights work by moving your head to the right or left without your hands – i.e. without leaving the steering wheel – which provides more safety for the driver.

Entering a new world of electronic games,

United Gamers was born, a company that offers training programs specifically for each player through a comprehensive digital application.

In short, these are tools that seem to predict the future, but that still work today: 5G and information offer professionals’ opportunities to immediately compete with other data, and enable professionals to assess their health in a more effective or happier way. Someone who sees everything from the bed

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