The Time Is Running Out! Know About These Hidden Benefits Of Downpipes

There may be chances of you still driving your car with the factory-fitted OEM downpipe. These types of downpipes usually have the most bends and restrict airflow. There are cases in which these downpipes are bent due to the cheap bending process.

It can potentially limit the car even more. You should get an m140i downpipe for your vehicle as it comes with various benefits and efficiency. If you do not understand the significance of getting your downpipe changed, we are here with the top benefits you will get when you get an excellent downpipe for your ride.

Why Should You Get A Downpipe

A downpipe is a product you will have to connect to the exhaust manifold to the catalytic converter. It helps direct the gases out of the turbine housing into the exhausting system. Replacing the old downpipe with a smooth, bigger, and high-flowing b58 downpipe will provide you with various advantages.

Overall, you will have the chance to provide your ride with more efficiency, which will make it more powerful and will provide you with better performance. However, we have listed down some of the best benefits you will get when installing a new and efficient downpipe on your car.

Remove Unnecessary Bend Resistance 

When you are using the factory downpipe, you will notice that there will be several unnecessary bends. It is usually created by resistance, which can potentially reduce the turbo power of your vehicle. When you opt for the after-market downpipe, you will notice fewer bends, and it will remove the resistance and restrictions. It will not be the choking point for the car performance.

Enhanced Horsepower 

Replacing the old downpipe with the BMW will help you increase the torque and horsepower. The torque increase will be exceptionally efficient, but the turbo hole will also be smaller. Once the turbo initiates to purge, you will notice being pushed back to the seat. Additionally, if you want chip tuning? If yes? It is a must for you to change the downpipe and install an efficient and good quality one.

After all, we all want to get the full benefits from our rides and want a more prominent and smoother downpipe. Downpipes are here with the purpose; if you see that your car is usually the prey of choking, the chances are that it may be due to the factory downpipe. Make sure to get the best downpipe that will help you to get better and enhanced horsepower.

Be More Efficient With Resources 

A good BMW m140i downpipe will provide you with the option to lose the catalytic converter or will have the ability to use it more efficiently. It will allow the movement of more gases from the exhaust at a higher speed.

This action will offer the turbo to spin quicker. In addition to the increased turbo responsiveness, you will get an additional 10-20 horsepower and torque. It will ensure better airflow and fewer restrictions, providing you with a smoother engine, enhanced horsepower, and loud sound.


These are some of the best reasons why you should opt for the downpipe for your car. If you may wonder why your ride is not providing you with a loud sound, your current downpipe is not made for that.

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