The timeless traditional rituals of South Indian wedding


Prayers are offered to the family deity. Normally the photo of kula devatha is arranged on a Peeta. Rangoli is put in front.
Lamps are lit and all the pooja items and wedding items are arranged in front of the Peeta.
Punyaha or cleansing of the pooja items is carried out by the purohit by sprinkling water from the kalasha.
Shodashopachara pooja is carried out by the purohit
Beesokallu and Vonke are decorated with rangoli and flowers Vonke is used for pounding haldi. Normally 5 ladies do this Shastra accompanied by sampradaya songs.
Godhkal Shastra is also done by the ladies.
Also in some families they carry out a Shastra where a ring is dropped in Godhi (wheat) and the bride/groom has to search for the ring and utter some sentences like Muthinantha gandana/hendithi kande.


Sumangali ladies and kanye muthaidhe girls are invited for this function
The lady of the house washes their feet and takes their blessings
The ladies are then offered arashina, kumkuma, bangles, flowers, fruits, and blouse piece.They are also offered kosambri and lime juice along with Thambittu and ellu unde as a traditional practice. The parents of the groom/bride along with the groom/bride take all their blessings.
This Shastra is conducted on both the bride and groom’s side. Normally a prior date is fixed or it is conducted on the previous day of the This function is an eye-catching function with ladies and girls dressed in their best traditional attire. The colorful display of baskets/trays filled with flowers and fruits adds to its beauty.

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