The Titan Evo may look pretty like similar models

In a refreshing change in WoTLK Classic Gold the pace of things, Secretlab only made one design for the Titan Evo. Instead of splitting features between both the Omega and Titan and the Titan XL, there are three versions of Titan Evo chairs with similar features. To top it off, the chair sizes were specifically made to fit more people as the small is smaller than the original Omega and the standard falling within the Omega and Titan as well as the larger one serving as an alternative to the Titan XL.

The Titan Evo may look pretty like similar models from the 2020 Series at a glance however, it does have subtle improvements that make an enormous difference. The lumbar cushion has two dials that can be adjusted to help you find optimal support. It also automatically adjusts to the position you sit in. In addition, the pebble-shaped seat base provides great support for your thighs, lower body, and legs. This time there’s a 4D adjustable armrests connect magnetically, while the memory foam neck and head pillow is also magnetic and eliminates the straps.

The Titan Evo comes with three distinct kinds of material: NEO Hybrid Leatherette, SoftWeave Plus fabric in addition to NAPA leather. NAPA leather. NEO Hybrid Leatherette is designed to be more durable than the Prime 2.0 leather, while the SoftWeave Plus utilizes a new automated stitching technique that creates layers of colors that stand out.

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