The Tools Your Winery Needs to Improve Efficiency and Safety

lift hand truckWine has been around since ancient times and is enjoyed by virtually every culture. With the increasing demand for wine fueling an ever-growing global industry, even the small “craft” wineries are part of a very big business. It’s created a terrific opportunity for anyone with a passion for wine and winemaking. However, there are always ways to improve the business of wine, making winemaking both more efficient and safer for craft and family-owned wineries. Sometimes that may mean upgrading from a traditional to a powered hand truck, and sometimes it just means sufficient training.

Safety in the Vineyards

Safety in the vineyard relies on the same basic safety rules that any other agricultural work requires. That includes the use of appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) and comprehensive safety training for the use of all equipment. Although there are some additional concerns for vineyard work, such as:

Night Harvesting Illumination

For instance, the necessity to harvest grapes at the height of variety-specific ripeness can mean harvesting at night. Ensure that the lighting (and safety training) meets standards for night-harvesting at the very least. Likewise, be sure that the lighting on harvesting machinery meets state and federal standards.

Nocturnal Wildlife

Additionally, the nature of growing grapes for wine means that wineries are usually located in temperate, or warmer, climates. Nocturnal wildlife can become an issue when work is being performed at night. Ensure that staff are aware of the possibility of encountering raccoons, skunks, snakes, coyotes, bats, and anything else that lives in the area. Include insect repellant in workers’ PPE to fend off mosquitos and other insects as well.

Safety in the Winery

Safety in the warehousing and working areas of a winery is comparable to safety regulations in any warehouse setting, which are too numerous to mention here. PPE and training are, again, key factors in winery employees remaining safe in the warehouse. One excellent way to increase safety in the winery is to invest in the right equipment for moving and loading barrels, equipment, cases of bottles, crates of supplies, and so on. To increase productivity and efficiency while improving safety, upgrade from a traditional hand truck transportation model to a hand lift truck collection. Lift hand trucks are perfect for the winery work environment, because they perform many of the functions of forklifts without the bulk or the licensing requirements.

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