The Top 10 Video Editing Software in the Year 2020

Video editing software are dedicated applications used to edit different parts of the captured video which includes splicing, rearranging or arranging, adding visual effects and manipulating colors. Further, the video editing process involves mixing or editing audio wholly synchronized with the image sequences appearing in the video. Also, the video editing software programs help the users to convert videos into different file formats like AVI, MP4,3GP, etc. for various devices. There are lots of options available in the market boasting innovative adds-on and brilliant features. But the video software that will cater to the needs of the professional video editor may not necessarily be a great one for a beginner.

Over the years, developers have taken much strain and developed this video editing software with impressive and enhanced capabilities. These new capabilities include things like motion advance color manipulation, motion tracking, and multitasking editing. The users can now add things like lightsabers, animated titles, explosions, and many more. Moreover, you don’t need to spend much more or to be extravagant while purchasing this video editing software. You can best feature according to your needs, even spending a little money.

  1. Adobe Premiere Pro CC

It has set a standard for the video editing industry with its vast range of stackable video and audio filters. The video editing software supports VR video and 360-degree video editing along with supporting an enormous number of file formats. Moreover, the video editor software supports three tutorials which are very much interactive when it comes to teaching you the use of this software quickly. You can open multiple tabs or projects simultaneously while moving edits and media from one project to another effortlessly.

Its advanced features are not only visible regarding color manipulation and visuals, but also you can find it in sound effects. The video editing software has been introduced with improved features like Reduce Reverb sliders and Reduce noise, making it easy to manipulate the sound at various levels of editing.

  • CyberLink  PowerDirector 18

It has put the premium video editing tools within reach of beginners also. The excellent and feature-rich video editing software offers two subscription versions PowerDirector Ultra available for $99 and PowerDirector Ultimate available for $129. It is stuffed with multiple features like the latest user interface, ability to edit and then export video in the 1:1 aspect ratio making it a social media friendly app.

The stunning and easy to use package offers unlimited access to backgrounds, plugins and sound clips along with providing online storage of 50GB in its PowerDirector 365 subscription version which also includes PowerDirector Ultimate.

  • Apple Final Cut Pro X

Even though the video editing software is aimed at professional video editors; still, it is not too complicated. The software interface has been built on the trackless timeline, which most of the users will find a little different. It is to encourage the users to organize various editing elements into particular roles like titles, music and voiceover. Apple Final Cut Pro can be the best choice for those who are looking to pair the video editor with their drone camera.

Moreover, the video editing software supports HDR, video editing based on 360 degrees and advanced color manipulation. It offers a vast selection of not only video and audio effects but also the title and transition effects. The users can choose and add effects from the third-party specialist apps also.

  • Adobe Premiere Elements 2020

The video editing software does a great job when it comes to providing an introduction to various editing elements to the beginners. Even the advanced video editing options and the interface is very much easy for the beginners. It is available for one-off purchase instead of a monthly or annual subscription basis.

Its interface includes large but clearly labeled buttons. It offers interactive tutorials providing guidelines on practical solutions to some common problems like removing background when a video is recorded outdoors and remixing or adding audio synchronizing the video images.

You can rectify the standard color casts problems caused by camera shake and artificial lighting by choosing the option Fix available on the toolbar. Moreover, it allows you to adjust the level of volume and audio and to add creative effects like color manipulation. Its additional support for 4K resolutions, artificial intelligence-based Sense and stabilized video is making it a great tool.

  • HitFilm Pro

The premium video editor software is packed with multiple advanced tools to create stunning effects but also accessible to the home users. It offers the ability to tackle every aspect of video editing within the editor itself. You can access titles, animations, color grading and audio editing just in seconds by clicking on the options. Even though the interface has been designed intuitively, but it is not cluttered at all. Moreover, it supports custom shadows, animating and importing of 3D custom models and dynamic lighting.

Also, you can find here impressive chroma-keying and particle effects to reduce the annoying and irritating spill. You can easily import and preview your media along setting points in and outs and inserting clips in it. The editing side of the video editing software has everything that you expect like standard tools such as slip, blade, roll and slide and navigating timeline either by keyboard or mouse.

  • Corel VideoStudio Ultimate

Being the outstanding video editing package on the Windows platform for beginners, the software is not only powerful but also easy to learn. Its interactive interface offers a wide variety of tools and support for 4K resolutions. It offers video editing support for 360 degrees and has more than 2000 effects to use.

Moreover, the video editing software provides support for multiple cameras, 3D editing and enhanced tools for lens correction. It has a simple yet sensible design arranging all elements methodically and elegantly on a background which is grey dark. Its new features include the smart guide alignments, cropping movies and videos in the preview, SD-card authoring, etc.

  • Apple iMovie

The video editing software has the combined features helping both the beginners on Macs and professional video editors. It is stuffed with professional themes and trailers, ample special effects and easy to use and learn interactive interface. Since the video editing software is available for free and so it is an excellent place if you want to learn and start.

The latest 10.1 version of the video editing software has been introduced with features like support for 4K video sharing and editing. With its latest version, it has been extended to handle video shot at 60fps and 1080p. Some other tweaks in the newest version include the support for Touch Bar for the recently launched MacBook and an enhanced interface.

  • DaVinci Resolve 15

The latest version of the video editing software has incorporated Fusion which was a standalone application bringing with it four high-end modules of video production. This high-end module includes modules for color manipulation, editing, motion graphics and video effects and audio production. The powerful video editing software has been introduced with many new features like Neutral Engine based on machine learning for things like speed wrap and facial recognition.

Also, it has incorporated a new feature Cut Page along with a streamlined and interactive interface making it easy for the editors to turn their projects quickly. The pro-level and powerful video editing software is compatible on many platforms like Windows, Linux and Mac.

  • VideoPad

It is one of the few video editing software that is compatible on both PCs and Mac broadening its reach and appeal. However, its non-commercial version is available for free download for the enthusiasts. Still, if you want more features, then you will need to buy either its Home Edition or Masters’ edition. The Master’s edition plan of the video editing software will give you unlimited plugins and audio tracks. On the contrary, you can use only two audio tracks without access to plugins with its Home edition.

It supports 360-degree video editing along with uploading along with supporting HEVC format. Its main menu allows the users access to various controls like Clips, Home, Audio, Sequence, Suite, Export and Custom.

  1. HitFilm Express 14

The video editing software is available not only for free but also allows you to add more features and that too at a reasonable cost. It has been introduced with the latest Light theme allowing you to get a Dark theme on paying $9 along with adding tools for color editing and providing picture-in-picture support. Moreover, the video editing software offers much more tools and features like enhanced visual effects with neon lights, lightning and support for 360-degree video editing.

It provides essential tools for integrated special effects and export flexibility. It has enhanced text capabilities and features for video labeling and tilting. Also, you can find new abilities to control the text like Small Caps, All caps, Superscript, Subscript, etc.

Best Video Editing Software: How to choose?

To choose among the various video editing software depending on your needs. You can use the video editing software available for free if you are a beginner. But, if you need an enhanced video software packed with powerful in-built resources, then investing some money becomes imperative for you.

Best Video Editing Software: How to Test it?

You can evaluate the available video editing software by going through various reviews provided on different websites. You evaluating points must include the functionality of the video editing software, easy to learn and use factor, sharing options and performance. Also, you should see what new features and improvements your chosen video editing software is providing to you.

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