The Top 3 Paneer Brands In Kolkata, 2021

Paneer is very mouth-watering food for everyone, is not only for vegetarian people, as well-loved all non-vegetarian people. Paneer means is curdling of whey. Now from paneer makes lots of palatable dishes, which are very easily can do complete of requirements of non-veg foods.

The Top 3 Paneer Brands In Kolkata, 2021Now in our Kolkata has provided lots of fresh paneer shops, where you can buy premium quality paneerThey are very reputable and try to maintain their goodwill and give the fresh get online paneer facilities. Before knowing about these shops’ names, I contemplated that you should know about their instrumental part.



Health Benefits From Paneer-

  • Get lots of Protein– According to the Nutritionists, paneer is the only food that can give every need for our health. Like- protein, magnesium, icons, calcium. After the research is also proclaimed that from 100gms paneer has subsumed 11gms protein.
  • Reduce the blood-Sugar level- The paneer is only one pack, which can recourse from every single difficulty. It is trying to aid in reducing the blood sugar, diabetes level and also do help for make strong teeth and bones.
  • Get optimum digest power- After doing lots of food-related research is already proclaimed that paneer is can do help to very easily digestive power, which is very efficacy for all human-being.

Top #3 Best Paneer Brands in Kolkata-

  • LokeNath Enterprise- This shop is the very oldest shop, which is situated in BBD Bag Kolkata. They are provided fresh quality paneer and an online meat shop also, where you can easily buy fresh mutton. In this shop, you can derive paneer at reasonable prices. Here 1kg fresh paneer you can get only 150rs.
  • Sandharun Enterprise-This is another shop that can easily make their shop name, only for providing the best quality soft and fresh paneer. It is situated in Machuabazar, Kolkata. Here you can obtain very budget-friendly with fresh quality paneer. Here dal, mustard oil, masala online home delivery Kolkata is also available.
  • Sai Baba Food Products Shop- This is the manufacturing shop; here you can derive fresh quality and soft paneer. They are doing business for lots of decades. This shop is located in Teghoria near Kolkata. Here you can get an affordable price with lots of rebates. They mainly offer the Indian cottage fresh cheese and also masala meat delivery Kolkata is also available here.

I hope, after reading my article who are very much voracious eaters; can make smile their faces and our Kolkata has provided fresh paneer, which is very effective for everyone.

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