The Top 5 Ring Settings That Are Here To Stay

The ring setting that you opt for is as crucial as the center stone on your ring. 

To make sure that your ring outshines others, it should be perfectly balanced from both ends. 


The ring setting should be carefully planned so that it does not overpower the center stone. It does not matter if you are opting for mined diamonds or lab-grown diamonds in Atlanta the ring setting should perfectly complement the stone to make it one true masterpiece.


There are a variety of ring settings available for all those who prefer a traditional style as well for all those who are more into contemporary settings. Based on your preferences and the center stone on your ring, here are the 5 most popular ring settings that are constantly opted for by couples from around the world. 

  1. Prong Setting:


Prong settings are meant to emphasize the stone. This setting is among the most prominent traditional styles that couples opt for. The setting encloses the diamond using six to four prongs along with a personalized wrap or band that enhances the overall appearance of the ring.


2. Channel Setting:


The channel setting is recurrent in wedding and anniversary bands. The setting features a continuous alignment of diamonds with no metal separating them. The outer edge of the diamonds adheres to the ridge of the given metal in a channel setting which provides a smooth exterior surface. 


3. Bar Setting: 


This ring setting features the diamonds individually on the rim of the ring, each separated by a thin bar in between. The diamonds are exposed from the other two ends which enhances the brilliance and sparkle they radiate. The bar setting is a perfect combination of a classic and contemporary style. It is also very popular among wedding and anniversary bands and can be often seen in bracelets and necklaces as well. The best lab-grown diamond store uses this setting prominently for their most recurrent pieces. 


4. Bezel Setting:


In a Bezel Setting, the diamond is suspended between the metal band, to ensure that it is properly secured. The edge of the rim can be molded in any manner to accommodate the stone. Moreover, this setting is widely popular among bracelets, rings, earrings, and necklaces.


5. Tension Setting:

The Tension Setting is opted by all those who want a more contemporary and fashionable look when it comes to engagement rings. In a Tension Setting the diamond is suspended between the metals that create tension to hold the center stone in place. The setting squeezes the center stone between the metal band. The diamond is suspended midair, which makes this setting truly charismatic and easier to clean. Tension setting is also favored for lab-grown engagement rings, as it allows the diamond to sparkle vividly without any hindrance in between. 



The ring setting you choose should complement your style. If you are into traditional styles you can opt for prong settings, and if you are inclined on contemporary and modern looks tension settings or bezel settings are your way to go. 


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