So, you’ve finally decided to buy an Electric Vehicle.


You’ve made an excellent choice, something that is future-oriented and will save costs in the long run.

However, since you are buying an EV, you might have thought about charging it, either at public stations or in the comfort of your home.

Transitioning from keeping the fuel tank full to charging your vehicle at your home using a Wallboxen in Deutschland can be an overwhelming idea.

But it isn’t!

Infact, charging your vehicles at home is one of the allured and conducive features about it. Moreover, there are immense benefits of charging EVs at home using a Webasto Pure charger than public charging stations. All in all, charging EVs at home is less expensive, more convenient, and completely safe only if they are properly installed by technicians who know everything about the EV charger.

In case you are still on the fence, the following are the top benefits of installing a home charging station, probably a Wallboxen in Deutschland.

They are cost-efficient:

How would you describe something as cost-efficient?

Maybe it’s something that is a pocket-friendly purchase and can produce the desired result. If that’s the case, then a home EV charging station is the right thing for you.

In contrast to charging EV at a public station, you can pay a flat fee for a residential charging station, enjoy the unlimited power from the same source that keeps the electricity of your house up and running only for a little spike in your electrical bill. In the long run, you will save all that battery charge spend on driving to a public charging station and money too.

Depending on the type of charger you go with, the cost of installing a Webasto Pure charging station will range between $300-$2000. All you have to do is hire an EV-certified technician, and he will do the entire deed for you.

They are highly convenient:

A level 2 charger takes around 6-8 hours for complete EV charging. So, you can keep your vehicle plugged in at night, and you’ll wake to a fully charged one, all thanks to Wallboxen in Deutschland. 

Not only is this more manageable, but with a residential charging station, you can plug in your car and sleep sound while your car is being tended to by your charger. The convenience of a home charging station is unmatchable.

They are very safe:

Charging at home using a Webasto Pure charger is safe for a variety of reasons. First, public areas are forever dangerous and impose the same risks as parking your car on the wrong street. And, then there is always a chance that your car could be vandalized, stolen, or damaged due to natural occurrences.

By installing a charger at home, you can keep you and your EV safe. As long as you have the correct equipment, you can charge your EC at home without putting yourself into any haphazard situation.


Are you all pumped up with these benefits?

Now go and get a home charging EV installed in your garage.

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