The Top Qualities of a Cybersecurity Expert Witness

Cybercrime has become the most significant threat to global business. Companies are now embracing cybersecurity professionals due to the rapid increase in security breaches, data leaks, and hacks. These professionals are the solution to the safety of governments and companies.

However, there is an anticipated shortage of professionals by 2022. As a result, the demand in the specialty is high, and there are specific personal attributes to look out for before hiring.

Calm under Pressure

In the case of data leaks in governments, there can be so much pressure. Therefore, a cybersecurity expert witness must remain calm, brief, and articulate. However, they should also have experience in courtrooms or other high-pressure environments like corporate boardrooms.

In addition, they should also know when to talk and when not to. Therefore, when hiring, look for someone who knows speech etiquette. In simple terms, look for a person who talks when necessary and answers questions as asked.

Interpreting geek speak

Cases involving cybersecurity are comprehensive and very technical. However, they are in a language that is foreign to judges and juries. A good cybersecurity expert witness should be able to interpret complicated technical concepts in simple language.

In addition, they should be able to do this without getting lost in their mumbo jumbo. Even so, they should also have experience as an educator to be able to give information accordingly. During the cases, the courtroom is like a class, where the professional educates and testifies.

Presently involved in Cybersecurity work

Cybersecurity threats are on the rise. However, they are advancing as time goes by. Being out of the game for a long time as an expert can make it impossible to keep up with the changes. Professionals who are currently working or consulting in cybersecurity are likely to gain knowledge by being engaged daily. When choosing these professions, ensure you choose one with details of these fields at their fingertips.

Passionate and Enthusiastic

You may overlook this characteristic and say they don’t fit the courtroom. However, cybersecurity expert witnesses should show an exceptional level of enthusiasm as witnesses. On the other hand, passion drives them to work hard, understand the case and make sure there’s value in their testimony. If the person is enthusiastic about cybersecurity, they will bring the same energy to the courtroom.

Scholarly Publication

The title expert witness should not be based on ill fame but something else. Being a qualified expert witness is different from being famous in the cybersecurity community. They can be victims of cybercrime or renowned hackers, but a professional publication will show their reliability.

Choose those with published articles, scholarly journals, or written books on technical topics when looking for an expert. It will give the surety that they are dependable and credible.

Getting a credible cybersecurity expert can be challenging and easy. However, getting a reliable one needs more than just mere knowledge of cybercrimes. Character and the way they relate can be vital as well. So, as you engage, these professionals use these qualities to get the best.

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