The Top Uses of Polycarbonate Sheeting in Brisbane

Polycarbonate sheet in Brisbane is a good choice for a wide range of residential and commercial projects. The material is an advanced plastic that ensures durability and longevity for many applications. It is UV-resistant and capable of withstanding impacts up to 250 times more than standard glass while maintaining a low weight. It resists heat, water damage, breakage, and cold, too. The material comes in various colours and clear, opaque, and translucent options, making it ideal for roofing.

If you’re wondering how else you can use polycarbonate sheets, keep reading to get some inspiration for your next project.


Polycarbonate roofing in Brisbane is a popular choice for custom aesthetic requirements, as it is easy to customise and quick to install. It offers superior insulation properties that deliver high sound reduction while ensuring durability and resistance to all weather conditions.

A high-quality polycarbonate sheet in Brisbane can last over 20 years as roofing when customised for your property by an experienced installer who knows your needs. Reputable installers can also recommend the best products for your application and design. Some of the products you can consider for polycarbonate roofing include Palsun, Makrolon, Danpalon, EGR Thermoplastics, and Palram. Experienced companies recommend Bluescope and Lysaght if you require insulated panel roofs.

Domestic solutions

Polycarbonate sheets are versatile as patio roofing, an external feature wall, and windbreak decking, and are suitable in garages, sheds, patios, and conservatories. Reputable installers can customise them as pool covers.

Commercial construction solutions

Polycarbonate roofing in Brisbane can be used as skylights and cladding for commercial properties. The non-corrosive material makes it ideal for seaside resorts, hotels, retail, and food and beverage establishments. Polycarbonate sheets are also practical for agricultural structures, such as plant shops, nurseries, and greenhouses.

Be sure to work with an experienced supplier and installer of polycarbonate roofing in Brisbane to find the perfect product for your project. They can provide FDA-approved plastics, fire-rated or flame-retardant polycarbonate, and antistatic polycarbonate.

Bus shelters, hospitals, and schools

Abrasion-resistant polycarbonate uses a special coating technology that reduces maintenance costs and liability risks. It has the abrasion resistance of glass, polycarbonate’s impact resistance, and enhanced UV resistance, making it suitable for bus shelters, hospitals, and schools.

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