The Traditional air of Rajasthani handmade crafts

Rajasthan has been known for its rich history as far as culture and traditions are concerned. In the fields of arts and crafts, the Rajasthani artisans have excelled over the period of time. Many have gained recognition not just in the country but also internationally. There have been foreign influences in their evolutionary artistic development. The Mughals ruled India in the 16 th century and their influences are visible in the Rajasthani woodworks. This beautiful piece of cow standing showpiece will definitely attract your attention. These are available to purchase the website of Tribes India.

The detailed work of artisans

The artisans have made beautiful pieces of handicrafts which have lately been used as everyday utilities. The history reveals the kings were great patrons of the crafts made by these artists. They encouraged the skilled craftsmen to portray their talents. This, in turn, paid great dividends for the artists not just financially but also gained a great amount of fame. You can purchase Rajasthani handmade chest drawers on Tribes India website.

Natural materials used to create wonders

The modern-day Rajasthan is known for its wide variety of handicrafts and paintings. The wall hangings are a favorite of the tourists. Most of the arts create great sales without much- added marketing. This goes to show the expertise of their capabilities. The artists used several materials to create masterpieces. Stone ivory, brass and clay were heavily used in making sculptures and miniature puppets. You can purchase the beautiful Rajasthani handmade drawers available at Tribes India website.

Utilities with a blend of art

The floral designs of hangers attract much attention from tourists. The Rajasthani now use modern pigments to color their subjects which produces vivid results. The puppets of animals draw a lot of attention as nature lovers often buy these cute looking miniatures. The Rajasthani drawers are a top draw among the sales as the tourists look for artistic utilities. They use fabric paint to color the subjects and stitch with great embroidery skills. Their dyed hangers look terrific and are very appealing to the senses. The themes used for painting on the hangers are usually puppets and geometric designs. You can buy the beautiful wooden drawers on Tribes India website.

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