Before the world was struck by this pandemic (corona virus), most of us knew so little about face masks. Personally, I only saw them on medics. However, today, face masks have become a necessity and therefore, it is important to get information on them.

A face mask is one of the tools used in the control of the spreading of a disease. It is a loose fitting mask that covers the nose and mouth, and has ear loops or bands at the back of the head.

A face mask helps in limiting the spread of germs and bacteria. When one talks, sneezes or coughs, they can release some tiny droplets into the air that when inhaled by someone else may be harmful. This is especially when they are infected with a disease, for example flu. So, when one has a face mask on, it reduces the risk that they pose to people around him or her.

It is therefore important to consider wearing a face mask when you are sick with a sneezing or coughing illness, especially when you expect to be around other people.

How to Put On and To Remove a Face Mask

1) Clean your hands with a sanitizer, or soap and water before touching the mask. This will remove any toxic things that might be on your hands, to protect you from inhaling them and putting you out of harm’s way.

2) Remove the mask from the box (or packaging) and check for any holes on either side of the mask, or fluid patches.

3) Be sure to note which side of the mask is the top. This is the side with a stiff bendable edge, it moulds to the shape of your nose.

4) Note which side is the front of the mask. Mostly it is the colored side (or the side with a brighter coloring). This side faces away from you.

5) According to the type of mask you are using, here are simple instructions to follow:

  1. A) One with bands

Hold the mask on your hands with the top part at your fingertips, and the bands hanging freely. Get the mask to the level of your nose then pull the top strap on over your head, and rest it on the crown of your head. The same goes for the bottom strap and rest it on the nape of your neck.

  1. B) One with ear loops

Hold the ear loops of the mask and place each loop around each ear.

  1. C) One with ties

Get the mask up to your nose level and place the ties over the crown of your head and secure the mask with a bow.

6) Pinch the stiff edge to the shape of your nose.

7) Pull the bottom of the mask over your mouth and chin.

How To Remove A Face Mask

1) Clean your hands with soap and water before touching the mask. Avoid touching the front of the mask, since it could be contaminated. Only touch the ear loops or bands. Here are some simple instructions, according to the type of mask you are using;

2)  One with bands ~ Lift the bottom strap over your head first then repeat the same on the upper strap.

3) One with ties ~ unties the bottom bow before you untie the top tie then pulls the mask away from you.

4) One with ear loops ~ Hold both ear loops at once then remove the mask gently by lifting it.

5) Dispose the mask in a trash and wash your hands with soap and water or a hand sanitizer.

This is the basic information you need to know about face masks. I hope you get to use them better with the new knowledge gained.


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