The truth about mosquito pest control

People may tell you may things and may suggest many methods to keep them at bay, but all may not help. In fact, some strategies may be completely wrong and myths, to be honest. Today, we’ll help you identify the truths related to mosquito control in India and how the entire process can be streamlined.

How do they come in?

First things first. Let’s factor in what attracts mosquitoes before looking at mosquito pest control. Do you often leave your bathroom wet once done for the day? Do you leave water in bowls or in your kitchen sink overnight? What about open tanks and pots and other containers in your garden and other parts of your home?

Well, all of these are ideal for mosquitoes as they use standing water for breeding. Leaving garbage bags unattended or overflowing for too long also attracts mosquitoes. They’re also attracted to the carbon dioxide we exhale, while body heat and smell of a blood source’s skin can also attract them.

Next – avoid getting bitten

The first step of home mosquito control is not attracting them. Then, we’ve to make sure we’re not getting bitten, if mosquitoes have already found a way in. Using fans, mosquito vaporizers, machines, repelling creams, gels and lotions help go a long way in not getting bitten.

Remember, while you’re safe at home, the situation is different outdoors. Carry a repellent with you when hiking, camping, and doing other activities outdoors. Clothing is also important. Wearing revealing clothes and exposing more skin attracts mosquitoes to bite us. Wearing white or light colours helps in avoiding mosquito bites.

DIY methods of mosquito control

The first step towards mosquito control is always taken by ourselves, because everyone believes they can get the job done without the need of a third-party intervention. There are multiple ways we can create homemade remedies for mosquito pest control, like solutions that can be sprayed around the house using spray bottles.

Solutions with lemon eucalyptus oil, peppermint oil, coconut oil, neem oil, apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil, citronella oil, alcohol spray, cinnamon oil and plenty of other essential oils help in home mosquito control. These don’t cost much and it doesn’t even take much time to create the solution. These are very handy when dealing with a smaller mosquito problem.

Professional mosquito control

Now if the infestation level is high, or if the cause of mosquitoes is due to external factors, you may require help. Help from professional mosquito pest control experts. What they will do is survey your property, find out the root cause of the problem, and then find a way to tackle it.

They don’t aim at just killing mosquitoes the way our DIY methods do. Instead, their methods of home mosquito control aim at destroying the problem from the root, and not having to repeat their efforts each time. Secondly, they make use of chemicals which have been scientifically proven to kill mosquitoes.

How it works?

With plenty of technological advancements, we can book a mosquito pest control service sitting in the confines of our bedroom. A phone call to the company, a visit to their website or even using your virtual assistant, Alexa, can get the job done. Once a service is booked for home mosquito control, the technicians will land at your doorstep at a convenient time.

Then, they’ll survey your premises to know the root cause, the extent of the infestation and more. Then comes the customized mosquito pest control service, backed up with a warranty period just in case of future sightings of mosquitoes. If that does happen, companies usually compensate with a free service!

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