The truth about photography gear that no one talks about

The Internet and the market have several brands of cameras and lenses. You need to be aware of plenty of false information and advice from the marketers and sellers. You cannot blindly depend on the advertisements that showcase and circulate around you. We at Meri Chitrasala facilitate our clients with professional photography services in Delhi NCR at affordable prices. Some of the things you should keep in mind before believing the information about the photography gear.

  1. You cannot judge a camera’s quality on the number of freebies offered

There are plenty of blogs that make money using affiliate programs such as Amazon associates. If you have bought a camera for 15000$ you might be tempted to look for the positive features and avoid the drawbacks. There are people who give a review after purchasing the gear and in this case, most of them give only reasons to purchase the gear. However, they completely ignore why they think the purchase was a mistake.

  1. To click amazing pictures you do not need amazing gear

Yes it’s true you do not need amazing gear for great pictures, a beginner can easily get confused about the high-end gears, but when you develop some insight into photography, you realize the gear does not matter so much. Much of the best photographs in early history have been taken with very primitive outdated gear when compared to the new variety of cameras. However certain camera gears are needed to take a particular kind of image, for instance, macro lenses for a close-up of faces.

  1. The photography gear can become an addiction

There is a strange phenomenon circulating among YouTubers and on the internet about the photography gear. You’ll hear how the gear does not matter that much but another youtuber will tell you how his latest purchase is the talk of the town. The hype that circulates over the web is similar to the advertisements on the television and browsing pages which are designed to have you spend money on these gears. So, without realizing the capabilities of its features, it will be wise to avoid the purchase.

  1. Brands obsession is useless as the photographers cannot clear the blind exams

A study conducted for spotting the brand concluded that the photographers could not distinguish between the camera brands behind the clicks. It turned out that not even one candidate could single out the correct brand. This proves that the obsession over the brands is just superficial. The brands do not guarantee you great pictures as much as your technique does. Focusing on the sensor size, lens choice, weight and durability is a better move.

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