The Types and The Specifications of Flanges


What are Stainless Steel Flanges?

Stainless Steel Flanges: As the name implies, these are constructed of stainless steel, which is a common material for flanges. Flanges made of alloy steel: These steels have been alloyed with other materials to increase their mechanical qualities.

Stainless Steel Flanges Manufacturer in India

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Stainless Steel Carbon Steel Flanges Manufacturer in India

Nitech Stainless Inc is a leading Stainless Steel Carbon Steel Flanges ManufacturerSupplier and Dealer in India. We provide all types of Flanges such as Slip On FlangeCompanion FlangeThreaded FlangeWeld Neck FlangeLong Weld Neck FlangeLap Joint Flange, and all other types that are available in different grades.

Types of Stainless Steel Flanges

A slip-on flange is a ring that fits over the end of a pipe and has enough space between it and the flange face for a weld bead to be applied to the inside diameter. To satisfy our client’s demands, we have a Stainless Steel Slip On Flange in a range of sizes and forms.

Flanges called Weld Neck Flanges are designed to be buttwelded to a pipe system. When installing socket-welded stainless steel weld neck flanges, the pipe is inserted into the socket end and a fillet weld is produced around the top.

A pipeline can be stopped or closed off with a blind flange, which is a solid disc. Similar to a conventional flange, a blind flange has mounting holes all the way around, and the gasket sealing rings are machined into the mating surface.

A pipe-to-pipe connection with a threaded flange eliminates the need for welding. In order to stop leaks, the threaded flange is secured to the pipe using a tapered thread; however, a seal weld may also be used in some circumstances. Only pipes with a modest diameter are often installed with this flange.

Specifications of Stainless Steel Flange

We have an integrated forging facility in our stainless steel flanges business that produces a wide range of flanges to different standards.

  • Class 150 lbs, Class 300 lbs, Class 600 lbs, Class 900 lbs, Class 1500 lbs, and Class 2500 lbs of pressure rating
  • Type of Connect: RF, FF, RTJ, LMF, SMF, and LJF
  • Equipment for machining flanges includes sandblasting, pressing, bending, pushing, and electric beveling machines.
  • Forged, heat-treated, and machined components
  • Forged, heat-treated, and machined components
  • Size Design Standards: PN, JIS, ANSI, BS, EN, ASA, ASME, DIN


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