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Griffin Third This week’s return is still suspected
On Wednesday, Washington Red Piece Quarter Solibert Griffin III participated in the team’s training, but did not mean that he was full of blood. Griffin sprained an ankle in the second week of the Jacksonville American Tiger, which has been in the stage of trick, knowing that this week will begin to participate in training. Red skin main coach Jay Grunette said cautiously he is likely to decide who will play this week and Dallas denim after training on Thursday.

Moss was injured in the outer card of Saturday, the horses. As the Bill II running guard, Moss regular match promotes 576 yards, reaching 5 times. His best performance comes from the 8th week, when he faces the patriot, he advised 81 yards, reached 2 times.

Texans coach O’Brien recent interview with reporters, said that although the college game and the NFL pro game environment a lot of difference, but Watson has seen major aspects of society. “He (Watson) experienced a baptism national championship finals,” O’Brien said, “faced a noisy off-interference, faced pressure behind, although the Patriots defense is higher than the university team’s defense several grades, but I want him to do is not nervous, but he also gave me positive positive answer. ”

Calvin – Benjamin (Kelvin Benjamin), Carolina (77): The Panthers lost 28 of 10 to the New Orleans game, there are 10 passes to pass him but he only caught 2 times and scored 18 yards, 77 times to pass his number 9 ranked first in the NFL, he took 40 times and scored 589 yards and 5 touchdowns, and yardage and took up several front and tied for first among other rookies.

However, the “rookie” commentator Tony – Romo does not think so, especially after he explained the second week of the Patriots and Saints game, he believes rookie quarterback Watson in the face of changing Patriots when defensive strategy, struggled situation.

Now, Manning looks after those living former US presidents and Hollywood stars had gas generally enjoy retirement. He did not want to appear to violate its own commitment to maintain the state of retirement. In addition to pass the ball several times at the White House when outside, since Manning never announced his retirement after the ball had passed, it may even pass on the training camp this weekend will not pass.

Griffin will begin to accept the doctor’s assessment this week to determine if it can play, Groad says that he needs to confirm that Griffin is close to 100% recovery, Http://Hackfabmake.Space/Index.Php/Utilisateur:AntonioRubensohn he said: “He maybe before. I think I can play. “The problem now is that even if Griffin can hang it, what is the state in lack of nearly one month?” Grinden did not answer this question, he just said that he wanted to see that Griffin was able to do anything.

Chengxin Xiu took over the outer half of the season top ten ranking
Here is the latest foreign rookie wide rankings. According to the number of ranking points to pass the list, which is a measure of the external value of intuition take over standards. We are ranked player every game with at least 4 points to the number of passes.

At present, the brids have basically decided to re-back the second quartz, Kirk Cousin, and they will determine whether the health status of Liefen will determine whether the first year of this week will be quited three points. Wei Keurt – McCoy is served.

Jordan – Matthews (Jordan Matthews), Philadelphia (52 times): 31 to 21 victory over the Eagles in the Houston game, he only took three times to win the ball 40 yards, but one of which scored touchdowns. He took 32 passes scored 2 touchdowns.

Allen – Robinson (Allen Robinson), Jacksonville (70 times): 23 to 33 loss to the Jaguars in the Cincinnati game, he took over the ball four times (8 passes pointed at him) scored 35 yards. In the 70 passes he took in 43 times, tied for first in the hands of external rookie, won the 488 yards and two touchdowns and has only one sell the ball.

“I have some expectations this year for many fans of the team, the team who have contact with where I was,” Manning told reporters on Friday. “I will support Brock course I will be a loyal fan of the New York Giants, but I will support the Denver Broncos and the Indianapolis Colts will support me – Adam. Gass (Adam Gase) (Miami Dolphins) and Detroit hung Lions coach Jim – Caldwell (Jim Caldwell) I will support the coach and the players worked as a free agent this year, if you wish, you can support a lot of teams. “.
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Manning also said: “I would strongly support Bullock (- Oscar Wheeler) (Brock Osweiler), I know he’ll get great season.”

Peyton – Manning will support multi-branch NFL teams in the new season
Peyton – Manning (Peyton Manning) now have got a lot of time, which is good for him because he has decided to become a multi-branch team of NFL fans.

Patriot main center knee recovery is good to play
The new England patriots claimed that the knee injury of Bryan Stork was well resilient on Saturday, and it has been improved from “play doubts” to “probably”.

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