The Ultimate Guide To Buy SMTP Server For Email Marketing


In technical terms, email is a system of interconnecting computers on the internet. In order to send messages from one computer to another, you need an email client or a program that is used to compose and send messages. Most often this is a piece of software that automatically composes messages when they are saved in a mailbox. What makes email an ideal mode of communication is that no matter where in the world you are situated, you can create an account with a provider and send messages instantaneously.


The best email services allow users to send and receive messages, as well as manage the mailbox effectively. To achieve this, you need an email service that can handle your volume of messages and provide reliable mail hosting. If you’re a business handling hundreds or thousands of messages every day, chances are that standard webmail solutions such as Gmail or aren’t for you – you need a dedicated SMTP server.


Why You Need To Buy SMTP Server For Email Marketing

Free email servers provide scalable and simple to use platform for hosting and managing email. Organizations use premium and free servers to send out bulk mails like newsletters and business communications keeping their business intact. When you need to maintain thousands of accounts, it is better to host them on your own mail server. Dedicated mail servers help in high-volume transactions, ensure the highest degree of data integrity, and accelerate business growth by ensuring that marketing campaigns actually get delivered.


The SMTP service servers of the present decade were designed for businesses that send thousands of emails on a regular basis. However, if you are a start-up with a limited budget and a small team, you cannot afford to buy a server for your business. On this note, use of free SMTP servers will limit the number of emails you can send each day. With an enterprise-level SMTP server, however, there is no restriction as to the number of email messages you can send per day. As such, it is important to choose an affordable yet powerful SMTP server that will help enhance the volume of emails.


No matter how well you design and write your emails, they could still get trashed by the recipients’ email systems and anti-spam filters. The reason behind this is that most of the free email services fall in the addresses of spammers’ target list. Additionally, it’s also bound to be included in the recipient’s junk folder. After all, you don’t expect your recipients to bother clicking on a random link in an email sent from an unknown source. SMTP servers are known for their flawless security features. They also help deliver emails to inboxes after taking care of one issue or another.


Benefits Of Running Your SMTP Server


Dedicated servers decreased bounce rates because you can send emails as quickly as possible. This allows you to engage your customers and monitor your email marketing campaign’s progress. Your dedicated server will also contain an auto response feature which means there is no way for spammers to see if your email address is active, since the auto response message keeps spammers from getting a response confirming a valid email address. By using a reliable dedicated server for your email marketing, you can feel comfortable that the email you place into the hands of thousands of customers will be read and acted upon within a few hours at most – or even minutes.


No Limitations

A dedicated SMTP server, or email server, is a server that is designed to serve as a central hub for all of the mail that needs to be sent by an organization. If your business regularly sends many emails on a daily basis, it’s easier to use a dedicated SMTP server rather than try to share one with other businesses. Dedicated servers are usually run by third-party service providers, making them easy to find if you are searching for one online.


Detailed Reports

Dedicated SMTP service provides email administrator and marketers with a variety of useful tools, such as email content testing program. It is possible to get a detailed report on how many emails were received, whether you have reached the right subscribers list, etc. This information allows marketers to develop new marketing techniques that work better with their product or to change their negative experience into a successful marketing campaign.


Security of Your Email List

Running your own SMTP server has many advantages over relying on external services. Is it true that the services on the free market are not really free? For instance, who owns these services? What does the owner know about you and what it can do with your data? All these questions are too vague for an Internet user to answer. However, if you run your own SMTP server, none of your e-mail addresses is given to anyone outside. And they are not included in the email recipient list at all. This guarantees 100% security, protection against leaks and absolutely private correspondence.


Hassle-Free Process

With a dedicated SMTP server at your disposal, you don’t need to worry about the terms and conditions imposed by third parties. On the other hand, when you share your email server with other clients, then if any of the sharing clients do anything spammy, all hosts are affected. If you share a server with a sharing client, you’re at risk of being hit by spam by the end of the process.



The dedicated SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) server enables one to best ensure that the email is not blacklisted. This means your email is only transferred through the mail server and is not at risk of being affected by any other clients on the network. On the other hand, when you share a server with other clients, then if any of the sharing clients do anything spammy or blacklisting, all parties are affected. If you encounter a rogue client on a shared server, you’re at risk of being blocked by spam.




An SMTP server should come with many benefits, in reality, a lot of it depends on the provider, features offered, price, etc. It is better to go for SMTP servers that come with a hosting plan. The maximum number of emails you can send every day and the speed of delivery determines the capability of any SMTP. Remember that some SMTP service providers offer various added features that could slow down the email marketing process considerably. Buy the service that you need. Getting a costly one with a host of features that you will seldom use would only be a waste of money.


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