The Ultimate Guide to Buying, Wearing & Caring for Bras

A lot of people don’t realize it but there’s more to buying bras than just picking several in your size. That’s why plenty of women make mistakes when they shop for one. If yours don’t fit as well as they used to, if they’re tattered, old, and offer little to no support anymore, then what are you waiting for? Shop around for new ones. Here’s how to make sure you pick out the best ones for you.

Know Your Size

Measure yourself if you aren’t sure. It would be so easy to just depend on the size of the bras in your closet. But if your breast size changed, then those sizes are no longer accurate. Breast size changes with age and diet. If you went through weight changes throughout the last few months, getting your measurement is one way to accurately find out what your size is.

Consider Bra Types

There are different types of bras. You can pick from underwired to padded bras or pushup bras. There are also sports bras that offer excellent support and a tight fit. There are also women’s bralette options which are like bras but smaller in size. Thinking about the occasion and your outfit will also help you decide which bra to choose. For instance, a bra for a halter dress, a backless dress, or one with a plunging neckline will be different from a white dress, a slip dress, or even a tube. If you’re going to exercise or participate in a sports event, then a sports bra is your best bet.

Determine Your Breast Shape

There are different breast shapes. These include the teardrop shape, the side-by-side shape, and the round shapes. Round shapes fit any bra while teardrop shapes are great with bras designed with underwires since they provide a lot of support. There are also slender breasts which are ideal with plunge bras and bell-shaped breasts which are perfect with a full coverage bra.

Wear It Properly

Sometimes, though, you might already have the right size and bra type. However, the way you’re wearing it might be the issue. If you’re not wearing the cups right, if your breasts don’t seem to fit, make it a practice to fill the cups properly. Also, pay attention to the straps. Are they lose or too tight? If they leave welts on your skin, that’s too tight. Adjust until you find the length that’s comfortable and still provides support.

Store Correctly

Bras, especially good ones, don’t come cheap. It’s only smart to take care of your intimates by storing them properly. Don’t toss them randomly into your closet or underwear drawer. Instead, arrange the cups neatly in rows. That way, it’s easier for the cups of the bra to maintain their shape. A traveling bag that’s specialized designed with contours that follow the shape of a bra’s cups will also make it easier for you to pack along and store your bras. You can bring them anywhere without worrying that they’ll be deformed on the trip.

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