The Ultimate Guide to YouTube Tagging Best Practices for 2020

YouTube video optimization is a number of factors that influence the ranking of videos on YouTube. And YouTube video tags relate to one of these factors.

YouTube hashtags – words or phrases that are used to help people and search engines to find your video. Video tag is one of the ranking factors. Tags are important for YouTube SEO promotion.  Of course, setting the right tags does not guarantee that your video will be at the top, but it increases the chances of being there. 

In this article, you will learn which tags are most effective for promotion on YouTube.

Use Brand-specific Tags

In case you’re representing a brand, include brand-specific tags. These tags will help Google to identify your service or product. When users will search your brand, YouTube will show your videos at the top. Moreover, this will help to rank higher in Google search. Since Google ranking relevant video content and showing it in the search top.

As for writing a tag, you can use different options, for example your brand is called is Mike’s shoes and your website is, than you can add the following tags:

  • Mike’s shoes
  • Mike shoes

Explore Your Competitors Tags 

How to find tags of your competitors? One way is to use TubeBuddy. This is a popular tool, so you can easily find on the Internet a guide. 

Take a look at top rated videos of your competitors. To find your competitors write in the search keywords that are most relevant to your channel or video. Make a list of most relevant tags and take them into service.

Add the Most Popular Keywords 

Let’s find high search words with the Ahrefs tool. This service shows the count of search users made with a keyword monthly. Find the most related keywords from the list and use them in your videos.

Tips and Advice

Adding a large number of tags will not give a good result. Do not use unnecessary tags. Usually enough 10 tags with 2-3 words in each. Try to leave only those words that are quite popular and suitable for a particular video. Misleading hashtags will harm your channel. And YouTube can remove your video from the list of proposed ones. Also YouTube can punish you for using names of popular brands and your competitor’s names.


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