The Unlimited Benefits of Learning

The Unlimited Benefits of Learning

The natural process of acquiring new knowledge, skills and other useful information, in general sense can be termed as learning. This aspect or the phenomenon of acquiring knowledge can mostly be seen or observed in higher class of animals like humans, and animals that are domesticated by humans for his assistance and convenience. Although the process of learning can be classified into various groups like, Associative learning & Non-associative learning Active learning Observational, learning Formal learning & Non formal learning, Evidence-based learning, Incidental learning and so on.

In the contemporary world, education and learning has taken an advanced development where in the teaching and learning are termed as E-learning and augmented learning, in which the learning is carried out through advanced electronic devices like computers, smart phones and tablet PCs, incorporating various multimedia presentations, illustrations and similar, with latest technological support and feedback. In this aspect a lot of research and in-depth studies have been carried out which has resulted in certain proven conclusions like, the nature and processes involved in learning, how it affects the individual in acquiring knowledge and so on.

These researches has further led to the classification of various learning types like habituation, traditional learning and conditioning, and more complex reasons such as the ones seen only in the so called intelligent animals and mammals. Active learning, the most common type takes place when an individual takes perfect control of the learning experience, and understanding the particular information is the critical aspect of this learning, and learners recognize, identify and categories understood and the not understood one by differentiating and hence check the proper comprehension of what is learnt and what is not.

Active learning promotes learners to verbalize their understandings other meta-cognitive strategy developments can be acquired over a period. Various institutes of learning and management studies have evidently proven the values hidden in active learning, and it has been claimed that this learning is usually at a stronger level comparing with the other types. In active learning, the important characteristic feature is the student-oriented learning, while passive learning or direct instructions are features of a teacher-oriented learning, or otherwise called as traditional or orthodox education.

The modern day learning or the multimedia learning is making use of both audio and video stimuli to learn the information. The same way, electronic learning or e learning, as it is commonly known, is computer-enhanced learning, which sometimes makes use of telecommunication equipment, such as cellular phones and smart phones to impart learning. Technically called as augmented learning, this includes text, images, video, audio and interactive online meet-ups or classes as well, which by researches have proven to improve learning performance for a lifetime.

As the saying goes, learning has neither any time bounds nor age criteria; hence, any one at any age at any time can pursue their desire of learning. This may be just to enhance their knowledge, or teach others or to step up the career ladder and carry their career graph to greater heights by better jobs. In this respect, The Lifelong Learning Academy Group, founded by three friends with diverse backgrounds. Sharing a common interest and ambition of establishing an institution that could provide high quality training and consultancy to aspirants, helping them enhance their already known information and knowledge, in doing things better and more effectively so that their skills could be utilised for both personal and organizational improvements.

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