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In the offset period and the lightning signed a 1-year bid contract, he made the best performance in the short career last season. He started all 16 games and achieved the highest 208th ball, 810 yards and 4 times.

Saints 4 points Delu Bris: There are not many time left to win.

Drew Brrees, almost choose to retire this year. But the future celebrities four defensive finally decided to fight for a year, chasing their second super bowl title.

Thomas was only completed by 9 passes in the two played days of this season, but this only completed passed forward, helping the teammate completed the 81 yards of the long distance of the 81 yards. 49 people’s defensive groups have a very experienced on how to limit roads and pass attacks. Their CDR Ranking Alliance is the first, and this will never be a good news for Thomas. Moreover, the red scorpion is very bad, and the game is just a 29-yard advancement.

Last season, Du Puri, who is 27 years old, in the fifth season of the steel man, his first appearance is a new high career, winning 11.5 times, 68 times, 4 times, 4 times, 16 loss The line is hugged after the number of code, and the four-point guard strike.

“I know that everything is caused. In most cases, failure is your best teacher,” Bris said. “This is what I have always been, this is also the attitude of this team. I think we have found the way to draw strength cheap jerseys from china the moment of failure in the past few years. This will only make us better.”

Folk was 35 years old, and the patriot was played for 7 games last season. He was 17 times, and he was completed in 12 times, and the additional shot door was hit. In the playoffs of Titan, Folk completed 2 arbitrage, 1 additional shot.

The 18-pool of the Red Senda came cheap nfl jerseys From China a rookie playing Chandler Catanzaro, he contributed to the team’s recent two victories. Although 49 people played in San Dien lightning, their strength they showed in the game will inevitably make the prestigious red ramps do not cold.

The rickets may be degraded again this week.

For the recent Arizona Sashlazz, it has become a difficult thing that has become a difficult thing. In the past 5 winning 5 games, they actually got two times. Logan Thomas will have a large number of play times in the 49-person game this week, facing the fifth opponents of the defensive strength rankings, the offense of the rickets may be difficult to encounter.

Steel people outside the Duopli sign the privileged label contract

Sold Dupree’s US local time signed a privileged label contract on Thursday morning. The external guard was selected in the first round of the 2015 season, and the next season was his contract year.

Although this is not announced that this is his last season, Bris did not avoid the new Orleans Saints this season “not winning the failed”. In fact, in the past few years, it is an evasive attitude that makes the Saint have failed again.

In the new season, Manman is still in the depth of the lineup and is an unknown number. Lightning Games include Kan Nan – Allen, Xiu Mike – Williams, Tyrell Williams, Tel Avis Benjamin And near-end Hunter Hunter Henry and Antonio Gates. The depth of lineup in this position is one of the best in the league.

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