The Versatility and Benefits of Belgian Blocks

Belgian blocks are the best choice for your driveway as they can withstand the heaviest weights. They are more durable than any other pavement material. In addition to it, they also add aesthetics to your property.

Belgian block made of granite is a very old Hardrock which has been used in the building for constructing driveways since long ago. Though concrete is another popular choice among homeowners in the US, it doesn’t meet most needs of homeowners. Over concrete, the benefits and versatility of Belgian Blocks are many.

This article extensively discusses the benefits and versatility of Belgian block masonry services in NJ.


Since home renovations are expensive and time-consuming, homeowners prefer durable materials for landscaping works. That’s why Belgian blocks are chosen. With extreme resistance to harsh weather conditions, it can stand up to hundreds of years with minimum maintenance required. It can carry the heaviest weights of vehicles. Its durability makes it a popular choice among residents of NJ.

Stain resistant

Oils and tire marks can easily stain concrete. Removing these stains requires hard scrubbing, and sometimes these marks get permanent, making the driveway look shabby. As cobblestone is sealed using a paver sealer, it becomes resistant to stains. This is another reason why it lasts for years.

Easy to repair

Belgian blocks are placed as individual pieces. If one of the blocks gets damaged, removing and replacing it with another is easy. With concrete, it is not possible. If a concrete driveway gets damaged, replacing the whole is the only option to fix it.

Vintage look

Belgian blocks give the driveway a very old vintage look and add to its aesthetic value. They also have some historical correlation, giving them a proper place in people’s backyards.


There are multiple uses of Belgian blocks in construction. One of the reasons that they’re popular is their adaptation to situations. They can be used in making wall structures, driveways, walkways, etc.

Belgian blocks are not only popular because they offer tons of advantages but because of their versatile applications.

Patio Pavers: Cobblestone pavements create the most beautiful look for patios. They are natural and last very long.

Driveways: Because Belgian blocks are extremely durable and resist stains, they are the best choice for driveways.

Walls: Belgian blocks make different wall structures like retaining walls, garden walls, etc.

Walkways: Garden paths and walks can also be constructed with Belgian blocks since designs can be made with them.

Edging for landscapes: Belgian blocks set the place for flower beds and plants and create a dramatic effect.

Edging for driveways: Belgian blocks prevent traffic from veering off the driveway. It is an excellent choice for driveway edging.

Key takeaways

Contact landscape masonry services near to you when you are interested in laying Belgian block pavers around your property. The best part is they can be laid on different structures to create beautiful landscapes.

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