The Virtual Training Platform: A Means to Support Corporate Training

In a time of drastic change, it is the students who inherit the future. Learners usually find themselves prepared to live in a world that no longer exists. This is a quote from the American writer and philosopher Eric Hoffer, who, in his 1987 writing “Vanguard Management”, explained how people who are continuously formed through active learning are the most predisposed to deal with change; to be successful, you have to continually unlearn from the past and relearn the same thing in the new digital world.

Being an active “learner” willing to embrace new ideas, innovate and lead change will offer you great opportunities to grow and succeed, especially now, in the time of digital transformation.

How to train in the absence of proximity? With the Virtual Training Platform – An e-learning methodology, born more than twenty years ago, is only now transforming and revolutionizing corporate training. How? By exploiting the technologies that allow the management of streaming paths, video lessons’ publication and online conferences’ organisation.

Advantages and benefits of the virtual classroom platform

In the absence of proximity and in the era of Digital Transformation, the virtual classroom brings with it various advantages and benefits. The Remote Coaching App today allows you to:

•    Satisfy the request of the company and users;
•    Improve access and learning experience ;
•    Improve the training’s quality and effectiveness;
•    Using technology as media communication.

A training project carried out in a virtual classroom allows you to always keep your skills up to date and to transform training into an au pair project while at the same time reducing the costs of corporate training. But not only that, to integrate trainers and collaborators who can be difficult to find locally, to be able to monitor the effectiveness of learning through surveys or tests in real-time, to encourage smart and social collaboration and much more.

The Virtual Training Platform is a methodology also used in mixed training mechanisms, better known as Blended Learning since it helps to develop moments of learning by doing, helps the sharing of training material simultaneously, facilitates moments of sharing and comparison and so on.

So what are the main benefits of the Virtual Classroom?

•    It is easily accessed through a link, making the system and the concept of corporate training flexible;
•    You can project material, share files and applications in real-time ;
•    Moments of sharing and debate can be moderated ;
•    Through a moderation system, it is possible to speak and ask questions whenever you want (both audio and video);
•    The lessons can be short and concise ;
•    Lessons can be recorded and made available for on-demand viewing;
•    The training experience can be made playful through gamification. Start game learning moments. Surveys, quizzes, virtual room creations for working in small groups, simulations, and so on;
•    It allows the collection of data and user actions.

The Remote Coaching App has a lot of potentials. Not only on a technical and practical level but also because it is an innovative and engaging learning methodology, which allows you to revolutionize the world of training.

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