The Weakest Segment of WWE SmackDown 2020

SmackDown is fast losing its craftily curated cult popularity as the superstars are becoming less exciting, and the storylines haven’t been good for quite some time. The in-ring action remains terrific but can only sustain a two-hour-long program for so long. In this SmackDown 2020 episode, we saw another string of loosely built storylines being pushed through. Lately, the difference between the quality of a RAW episode and a SmackDown one is really staggering.

So, let’s take a look at what SmackDown can keep and what they can do without, after the sub-optimal, uneventful show.

  • Sasha Banks and Bayley’s appearance

These two superstars have created quite a buzz in recent times. Whenever they are on (which is on every WWE show these days), it is difficult to look away or not be interested. Their appearance remains the highlight of SmackDown. The Undertaker making a phone call to Bayley is probably the funniest thing that has happened in recent memory.

  • The Story of Sheamus and Jeff Hardy

They have been fighting forever now, haven’t they?

The feud, which looked great in the beginning, has been stretched out for too long now. And by bringing up Hardy’s struggles with alcohol addiction so often, the issue has lost all its effectiveness and sympathetic appeal. On top of that, he let it out on an innocent waiter who hadn’t even done anything wrong. And it would’ve been okay if it was just a part of the show, and not the main event. Both of these fantastic wrestlers have had iconic stories built around them in the past. And it would be much better if they started fighting other people now.

  • Shinsuke Nakamura & Kofi Kingston

This surprise to fans was that Shinsuke Nakamura won cleanly and relatively from Kofi Kingston, a former WWE Champion. This will go ways with the WWE management, and if they think that, he and Cesaro could be potential Tag Team Champions in the days of the future.

  • Swamp fight between Bray Wyatt and Braun Strowman 

It was a very uninteresting battle between these two big-men. At times, they felt like going through the motions, and even ‘the horror show’ has lost its charm because of overuse and repetition during the broadcast. It looked good but not WWE good and lacked pizzazz that backstage brawls are famous for.

  • Replaying old matches

The times that we are living in are unprecedented and uncertain. And the WWE Universe does deserve some leeway. But showing paid content for free on SmackDown when a lot of the fans have bought subscriptions to the WWE Network might not be the right way. It also shows a lack of creativity and a certain amount of laziness on the part of the makers. With so many options to entertain yourself, WWE should realize people are likely to tune out of SmackDown if they see old content.

  • Why no Ottis?

Money in the bank and one of the fan-favorites of SmackDown was expected to make an appearance. But he never showed up. It could be because of the boat trip that Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose went for. Or they just didn’t have a story for him. Whatever the case might be, fans did not take it well since he is so popular right now.

All in all, SmackDown could benefit from bringing back worthy superstars, better their storylines, and especially create a way better main event.

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