The Why and How of Continuity Subscription Management

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Continuity Subscription Merchant services have become essential in multiple business organisations for their smooth functioning, especially over the past few years. It is one of the most convenient methods of payment in the current system of business operations. As is apparent, use of credit cards both securely as well as fast and efficiently is a must in these industries and PaymentCloud or its likes are organisations one can look up to for help in this matter.

Deviating from the conventional methods of transaction, banks have always evaluated the risk factor to be far greater in these modes of payment, and as a result, securing merchant processing is a mighty challenge. Inability to pay via cheque or to go through draining details of PayPal is another menace.

Merchant account providers worth their salt, guarantee a secure smooth-flowing transaction setup for their clients. More info in this regard is worth researching on since this is one of the most important aspects of this industry. Ensuring an unhindered run and managing aspects like risk mitigation, continuity billing, gateway integration are some of the related things merchant account providers promise.

  • Pros and cons: methods and solutions

The most common mode of business used in industries opting for continuity subscription management services is negative-option processing. This mode of the subscription is one where a recurring subscription which is charged keeps the account running until and unless a customer chooses to either stop it or change it to a different plan.

Negative-option processing is a win-win for both the seller and the consumer. On the one hand, business organisations have a steady income, which helps their cause; while on the other, consumers find convenience in having a fixed setup and not having to worry about regular updates and payments. However, a major consequence in this method is the risk factor which discourages banks from venturing into it, leaving the scope for continuity subscription merchant companies to take the reign.

A prime necessity for any service provider in this field is to have business operations with all major card types since it is these which will effectively run a smooth operation on the consumer’s end. An easy way to find their efficiency would be to glance through their list of clients, to check if it ranges over different types of businesses; both in terms of the evaluated asset as well as services provided.

  • The absolute necessity

The businesses coming under this umbrella require PCI compliant, and know-how of API integration works, devoid of which they cannot provide even basic services. Partnering with SUBTA adds to their portfolio, with the assurance of updates on every evolving trend.

  • More risk, greater revenue

Negative-option processing has integrated itself into many businesses. Healthcare, education, replenishment; all have had the system incorporated in their functioning.

It is this risk management that leads to the immense revenue generated by this business.

While a click here reveals the industries functioning under its purview, it is their detailed structure and effective handling, which reveals a company’s capability. Accompanying above comes the vast list of software that these organisations need to be wary of and adept at using.

A thorough look into the functioning of this business setup helps in elucidating the business structure, which goes a long way in making the right choices.


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