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Titan’s four-point guard wrist injury to the game

Tennesi Titan is falling into a low-tide off-attack group, cheap nike nfl jerseys free shipping may have a more serious problem with the first four-point guard Jake Locker.

The head coach Ken Whisenhunt has been disclosed by Rock’s right hand cheap jerseys for sale (Pair of Pairs) on Monday. The wrist is used to receive a nuclear magnetic resonance imaging. He has lost his ear right hand wrist in the game on Sundinnati. Under your own body. NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoprt said on Tuesday that the good news is that the results show only limited structural damage. Locke can’t catch the ball in the end of the game, but Latport also reported that he still has the opportunity to take injuries according to his recovery.

Titan until the lower half can you know if Locke is able to first face the fourth week of the competition of the Indianapolis horses. Although Titan has only 8.5 points in the past two games, cheap nike nfl jerseys for sale Wi Sen Hert clearly indicates that Locke will not be replaced by the cause of performance. “Jack is still our first quarter-off,” Wi Senheng said in the evening. “When I came to the team, one of you asked me is whether I will take a different attitude toward him. It is important to treat quarterly to be patient. Jack has better Performance, and we also have a better performance. “

Although Locke is unstable this season, it is difficult to believe that the offensive group will benefit from replacement of quartz. If the Locke’s wrist has no signs of recovery in the lower half, Wi Sen Hen will have no choice, which can only dispatch the mediocre replacement four-point guards – Whitehurst.

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