The wildly popular Game Named Fortnite

If you had bought Save the World and maintained the Eon Bundle, we will be granting you an additional 2,000 V-Bucks. We expect to get an update soon on the exact time of entitlements.We’ll begin the process of awarding retroactive entitlements first next week when our offices reopen for the new year. We will provide an additional update on the progress of the grants around that time.

Consequently, if you possess the Eon package, anticipate a free copy of Save the World soon. Or 2,000 bonus V-bucks if you already have this, a free legendary skin. Granted, STW isn’t the most popular part of Fortnite, but fortnite items  probably worth giving a shot if you want a rest out of PvP activity, and it enlarges the lore of this entire world of Fortnite in interesting ways.

I believe that you might also earn V-bucks there. I don’t know, I haven’t played it, like 95 percent of other Fortnite players.This had been a good move by Epic and I’m happy they acted fairly quickly about this. I doubt it will be the previous controversy that they stumble into, but it’s the ideal call in this circumstance.

Usually, the Fortnite cosmetics which are the most sought after are the numerous skins that Epic includes, or perhaps at best, a glider. But because the introduction of pets last year, there has been a new category of cosmetic to get fans to start their wallets. But the very best pet up to now, the one stealing the series, is free.

That might be Fortnite’s gingerbread furry friend, the Merry Munchkin, a new decoration for a few of those 14 days of Fortnite challenges. All you’ve got to do to unlock him is to utilize boogie bombs or open gifts in-game, and you’ll unlock the rear bling pet for free.

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