The Wonder of Laparoscopy Surgery and its Benefits

In recent years, Laparoscopy has been hugely used as a surgical process of choice to address a range of ailments and conditions. This surgery has become quite popular with doctors and patients alike considering the big number of benefits it provides and the faster time to recovery. Let us look at what exactly this procedure involves and where it can be deployed as explained by top laparoscopic surgeon Dr Amita Jain.

Laparoscopy as a surgery has become quite popular in recent years. It takes a revolutionary approach to perform the procedure wherein several smaller cuts are made in place of the traditional approach of making one large incision to access the part to be operated.

The procedure uses a device known as the laparoscope, a narrow tube having a tiny video camera and a bright light at the tip. The doctor inserts this tube through a small cut of width of around 1 cm to take a clear look at the internal organs.


A few more incisions are made in other parts in and around the site through which a few other tools are inserted to perform the surgery. Laparoscopy is also known as ‘minimally invasive’ surgery. This sort of surgery was initially used for gallbladder surgery and a few gynaecological operations but it is used now to operate several other organs like intestines, liver, abdomen, and other organs.

India’s leading laparoscopic surgeon Dr Amita Jain talks about the benefits of laparoscopic surgery…

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