The world’s first male sex robot has appeared

An American scientist has made a breakthrough in the Sex Doll industry, completing a male robot named “Henry”. This is a very Real Life Sex Doll. With a height of 1.82 meters, and handsome and muscular, he is the type that many women like.

Such robots can not only do some household chores in life but also communicate with women. You can just flirt with girls. Of course, women with low emotional intelligence are also easy to get along with and fall in love with. If you don’t like this type of robot, you can also customize it according to your needs. Appearance, body, and personality can be customized, but not very close.

Technology will change lives, but don’t make him a silicone sex doll, the sadness of men’s lives. Will the women of the future benefit? None of this is known, but when it catches on, someone steps in. After all, there are no humans and machines, and advanced machines are also artificial.

Maybe like a woman in the future. This advanced human animal cannot replace any living thing on earth. The sadness of men and the well-being of women in the human imagination are just simple human achievements, but the ultimate goal of robots.

Of course, there will also be female robots serving men in the future, so does it also mean that there is no need for a real relationship between men and women? But at present, we still need to maintain the necessary relationship between men and women, because human thoughts are irreplaceable, and it takes the collision of different thoughts to produce more interesting things.

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