The Yellow Sapphire Stone and its Incomparable Virtues

Commonly referred to as Pukhraj in India, the Yellow Sapphire stone is also known as Gururtana, Pushpraag, Vachaspati Vallabh, GuruVallabh and Pitmani. The main reason for the popularity of Pukhraj is its remarkable capabilities in addressing the financial crisis. The Yellow Sapphire gemstone blesses the wearer with offspring, prosperity, fame and wisdom. The ruling planet of Yellow Sapphire is the Jupiter, and the stone’s impact is equivalent to its ruling planet’s size. Notably, Jupiter is considered most auspicious among all the nine planets. However, it is suggested that a person should check their suitability before wearing the Pukhraj.

The Yellow Sapphire is suitable for people from all the professions, but they work excellently in some particular job fields. They are exceptionally beneficial for Administrators, Scientists, Doctors, Philosophers, Lawyers, Air Force Officers and airmen, Architects and Principals. The gem is also popular among the businessmen, especially those dealing with dairy products, textiles, artistic products, wooden furniture and financial advisory. Film producers, cinematographers and screen-writers can also wear the Pukhraj stone. The Yellow Sapphire prices in India can be enquired with any authentic gemstone dealer.

Impact areas and benefits of wearing the Yellow Sapphire Gemstone


The Pukhraj is known for showering peace and harmony among individuals. They keep the relationships bonded and promote the intimacy factor. Also, it helps unmarried men and women in finding their respective brides and grooms. It is also said that the gemstone blesses the family with an heir.

For Business and Career

Professionals who believe in Astrology often place the gemstone in their office or business area. It is known for giving clarity of thoughts and supporting the decision making. Those students who aspire to become doctors, engineers or administrators should also show some faith in the power of the Pukhraj along with dedicated hard-work.

Health and Healing

People suffering from stomach and kidney issues have gone through faster healing and have gotten quick relief from their ailments. The Yellow Sapphire is also known for healing high fever, cough and rheumatism. In addition to it, it protects from unwanted road accidents and life-risking situations. The stone exhibits great resistance powers against evil spirits and negative forces. It is advisable to buy a Pukhraj which has no flaws, dual tones or red dots in it. A cracked Pukhraj might reverse the effects.

Effects on Fertility

Those couples who are willing to start a family or are suffering from fertility issues can also wear the Yellow Sapphire. Apart from strengthening intimacy, these stones also contribute to mental preparation for parenthood.

How to Wear the Yellow Sapphire

The Pukhraj should be studded in a gold ring and should be worn in the index finger of the right hand. It will be better if you wear them on a Thursday of Shukla Paksh between 6 AM to 8 AM. People aged below 23 years should wear a Yellow Sapphire up to five Ratti, and those above 23 should wear between five to seven Ratti.

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