The Zappi Car Charger

The Zappi car charger is a clever, cutting-edge method of charging automobiles. The intelligent technology is intended to reduce the possibility of tripping the primary fuse and produce a safe charge. A BS 7671 18th Edition safety certificate is included. An integrated RCD and an Earth fault detection are also features of this model. It also features a number of unique environmental charging options. This implies that it will enable you to reduce your electricity costs.



The charger’s Eco+ mode prioritises using green energy to charge electric vehicles. It can detect excessive solar generation and can use up to 1.4kW of power. Only when the excess solar power generated by your home exceeds the amount of electricity used by your car will the charging process come to an end.


The Zappi car charger is simple to install and has an LCD screen that is easy to operate. This enables you to keep an eye on your energy consumption and select the ideal charging period. Both solar and grid power are compatible with this intelligent charger. It is British-made and comes with a variety of clever features that make it a great option for your electric vehicle.


There are three charging modes for the Zappi. The Eco mode promotes energy conservation and is perfect for micro generation systems connected to the grid. In this mode, the zappi can adjust the charging current based on the quantity of energy that is available. You can also create a pre-determined energy budget for charging your electric vehicle.


The Zappi powers your car with clean energy from solar and wind turbines. This raises the solar panels’ return on investment. The charger is also incredibly simple to install and operate. Additionally, it has an app for tracking its performance. The app is made to be simple to use.


Similar to the ECO mode is the ECO+ mode. It swings above and below the 1.4KW minimum charging rate that it uses. The charging will stop if the surplus power falls below the Min Green Level, which is set at 50%. The charging will restart as soon as the excess power reaches 700W.

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