Thephotostick mobile review


Everyone loves to take photos. This isn’t a secret. We like to store them for safekeeping, post them on social media, or even have it as a source of income. But since we’re in the era of technology, photographs don’t necessarily need to be printed out anymore. Actually, a lot of people are taking advantage of digital copies.


There are no limits to how many photos you take, you can even edit the lighting and the colors of the background if you want. Because of this, people are becoming obsessed with taking photos and videos. In fact, photography and videography is one of the most sought-after professions and form art now.

Did you know we take an average of 10 photos a day? This means we have about 3650 photos per year. But what happens to all these files? Where do we store them? With the millions of photos and videos we take, we couldn’t possibly hope to keep physical copies of them all.

Settings on PhotoStick

If you’re a little OC, don’t worry because there is a way for you to dictate how PhotoStick will sort out your photos.

Just go to the settings and you can change the way your files are collected. One of the ways is by categorizing them according to the different formats (.jpeg, .mp3, .mp4, etc.).

And you don’t have to worry, the device was designed to make sure it does not store any duplicates, so you won’t have to deal with the same set of pictures all the time.

Of course, ThePhotoStick also comes with different memory capacities just like a regular USB flash drive. But, if you’re not sure about which one is the best Photo Stick for you, I recommend getting the largest memory available. After all, you’ll be using up more space as time goes on.

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