Thermal Spray Coating Services

            The most critical part of Thermal Spray Coating applications actually lies in the “operating conditions”. Knowing the customers’ expectations, to either restore the machinery and component’s dimensions, temporary fix or to improve surface properties, functionality and upgrade performance and service life via a correct selection of appropriate materials with the exact right chemistry. WWG Engineering’s Core Competency consists of a series of Surface Modification Technologies. Among its surface engineering solutions ecosystem, Thermal Spraying Coating processes are an important part of the overall success formula.

           WWG Engineering can engineer the most suitable surface or coating to match the functionality or improve the performance of a component in a specific environment. Our ongoing research and development is mainly “applied oriented” in the area of new processes, and materials and identifying new specific applications, that are able to generate unsurpassed benefits to our customer’s machinery operations. As an industry leader, we want to match or meet beyond our customers’ expectations.

Thermal Spraying Processes at WWG Engineering

  • Wire Metallizing (Flame Wire Spray)
  • Electric Arc Spray
  • Flame Powder Spray
  • Rokide Ceramics Spray
  • Plasma Spray
  • HVOF Coating
  • Cold Spray

The advantages of Thermal Spraying

There are many advantages of Thermal Spray Coatings. Some common examples are:

  • Dimensional restorations.
  • Increased durability.
  • Modified electrical properties.
  • Increased or decreased corrosion protection.
  • Multiple Modes of Wear Resistance
  • Increased hardness.
  • Thermal Insulation
  • Electrical Insulation
  • Increased or decreased friction.
  • Increased wear resistance.
  • Affordable
  • Clearance Control
  • Additional protection to damaged materials.
  • Decorative
  • Surface Textures
Thermal Spray Coating

Thermal Spray Coating Services

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