These are a few qualities and items to look for in your chemical companies

Now that you need chemical manufacturing or mixing, how do you decide which chemical company is the best choice? If you choose improperly, you will face the problems of long delivery time, poor quality or waste of time and money. Choose well and you will be surprised at the value your partner brings to your production process.

These are some qualities and projects to look for in your chemical companies:

1. Function

First, you have to know if the manufacturer can do the job. Depending on how your product is developed, it can mean simple mixing, or it can mean a full range of services from R & D to transportation.

2. Ability

Just as important as asking if a manufacturer can produce the chemicals you want, is it able to produce the chemicals you want on the scale you want? Can it meet the deadline?

This requires not only an adequate number of chemical mixing tanks, but also a range of specialized reaction, grinding and grinding, distillation, and other equipment that can handle hazardous or flammable materials when necessary. It also means there is enough storage capacity to store your product until you are ready to ship it.

3. Certification and registration

Certification and registration attest to the quality management of chemical manufacturers, the ability and legal authority to handle chemicals (especially hazardous substances), as well as environmental concerns. Some of these qualities are just a bonus to hiring the company, while others are basic requirements that must be met before you can commission them to run your business.

4. Quality assurance

ISO 9001:2015 certification is a simple way to measure whether a manufacturer has a complete quality management system, but if not, you need to ask what kind of system there is. For example, maintaining detailed batch production records can accurately determine at which stage of production an error occurred.

5. Company profile

Choosing your chemical companies is like choosing other business partners by analyzing every feature of the company and:

History: the longevity of a business is usually a sign that they are doing the right thing. Many companies indicate their year of incorporation on their websites, but to check, you can check out the company’s charter. There are many different tools that can do this, most of which are paid services. In Texas, for example, you can look up company documents online through the Secretary of state’s sosdirect tool.

Industry experience: a manufacturer’s long history does not necessarily mean that it has rich experience in your particular field. Providing a reliable record of chemicals for a particular industry usually means that the manufacturer is fully aware of the latest developments in the industry and can provide professional guidance when you need advice.

Comment: assuming they were not released last week, your candidate manufacturers should have references or references from previous and / or current customers that they can pass on to you. Of course, you can also look for feedback online at any time.

Financial stability: are manufacturers able to pay their employees and complete your projects, or use your projects as a lifeline to maintain operations? Auditing a listed company is nothing more than checking its investor relationship documents, such as balance sheets. For a private holding company, you can ask for proof of credit and look for some dangerous signs, such as demand for advance payments or signs of overcapacity, which may mean low order volume.

Communication: the responsiveness, transparency and flexibility of the manufacturer in communicating with you can indicate the importance it attaches to customer service.

Location: manufacturers with multiple locations near your final destination or major transport hub can help you reduce transportation costs and optimize delivery times.

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