These Are The Best Gaming Mouse Of 2020 That You Can Buy Right Now

A mouse is one of the essential accessories while playing games. There are tons of options available, but you need to choose the best for playing games for long hours. The best gaming mice have extra buttons and an excellent thumb grip with adjustable weight.

There are other elements that you need to watch while buying any gaming mice. While looking for it, you need to think about lots of features. Several trustworthy brands for games are in the market that you can buy. It is challenging to choose the best gaming mice without using them personally. In this blog, you will get a list of the best-dedicated gaming mice that you can buy.

Steelseries Sensei Ten

If you are the one who uses a mouse with both hands, then you should try this mouse. It can give you the best gaming experience from both hands.

Steelseries Sensei Ten claims 60 million clicks with a dual-spring mechanism. If you are using an old model, you need to switch to the updated model, as it has some new and subtle improvement. It has a high resolution (50-18,000 DPI) optical sensor that can maintain 1:1 tracking, even playing games at high speeds.

But it is not a perfect product due to its less RGB customization than other mice in this list. It is recommended not to buy this device if you are not a top-level competitive player; otherwise, you might face difficulty while playing games. You might like its cutting edges, build factor, feel, and form factor.

Logitech G603

Undoubtedly, everyone will hesitate to buy a wireless gaming mouse. It is because everyone links wireless to latency. But this wireless mouse is specially designed for improving the gaming experience. One of the exciting things about this mouse is its price. It is one of the low budget mice in this list.

It is accurate and very responsive. Apart from these features, it can save battery life as well. Logitech claims that this product will offer 500 hours of battery, which is quite impressive. But when you use it, you will find that it is a bit unbalancing and bulky, which limits the speed of swiping of the mouse. It consumes less battery and gives better performance. It is one of the most affordable gaming-grade mice.

HyperXPulsefire Dart

It is another gaming wireless mouse on this list. It is known for offering reliable gaming performance.

It lacks battery life as it gives only 50 hours of life, which is very low when you compare this device with the previous one.

It is crucial to note that Pulsefire Dart has five buttons, which might prove helpful while playing games.

Corsair Ironclaw RGB

If you need a mouse with RGB lighting, it will prove a decent deal for you, but it is not as flashy as keyboards with RGB lighting. You can customize its lighting as per your convenience.

It has the maximum range of 18,000 DPI that can be configured as per your requirement. There are seven buttons in this mouse that provide everything for the players who like to customize the look and functionality of their RGB mouse.

RazerDeathAdder V2

It is one of the fantastic gaming mice on this list. Those who love to play shooting games might like this mouse. You don’t need to pay much for this device, which makes it an attractive option for a gaming mouse. It will prove a perfect buy for those who need a big gaming mouse.

Both versions of this device can allow you to adjust the DPI sensitivity, which is one of the exciting features. The mouse will enable you to use five different profiles, and you can store them in its settings. It is not a wireless mouse, so choose wisely.

Razer Basilisk Ultimate

It is another best gaming mouse with comfortable ergonomics and sharp shape. It is slightly smaller than the previous mouse by Razer. The mouse comes in three different variations that share the same shape with other options. You can choose as per your requirements. It is powered by an AA battery and has six programmable buttons.

If you pick its third variant, then you can use both wired and wireless modes. The mouse works well with both wired and wireless methods.

Razer Viper

Razer is known for producing gaming products. Razer Viper comes with RGB lighting, which is one of the most demanded features in the gaming mouse. It is shiny, glowing mice with a lightweight and comfortable grip.

You might love playing games with this mouse. You can swipe your mouse quickly, and it is also known for precision. Both left and right side clicks are light to touch.

Corsair Scimitar Pro

It is one of the best mice for multiplayer gaming mode. With this mouse, you will get multiple buttons that might help you to play any games without any issue. These side buttons can help you to perform several functions in-game.

Total, 12 buttons can be managed with your thumb. It is one of the effective designs that ensure the Scimitar Pro is sensible to use after making some adjustments. The mouse fits excellent in the hands of many gamers.

These are some of the gaming mice that you can buy right now. So, choose as per your gaming level and budget.

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