These Are The Best Web Browsers Available for Android for Free

Web browsers are critical applications on your phone. You need them to access different websites, search the relevant data, or to download some data from the internet. It is essential to choose the right kind of web browser for your phone to experience hassle-free surfing. If you are using an Android device, then indeed, you have got plenty of options to choose from different ranges of web browsers. But it is always challenging to pick the best one, so we have got you covered. In this article, we are going to look at the best web browsers available for Android, which you can install on your phone and experience an entirely smooth and new experience of surfing on the internet. Let’s go through this list.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is undoubtedly the best browser available for Android, and it can be said the same for other operating platforms as well. Google offers Google Chrome, and its rich features make it the most popular web browser. It has got advanced features like switching tabs with a swipe, unlimited browsing tabs, night mode, and much more. This app has got a deeper integration with Android, and your data on it can also be synced with Google Chrome on desktop along with its latest material design.

Some fantastic features of this app include customization of the home page, ability to download pages when online, social media notifications in the browser, incognito tab, and many more. You can also do direct searches from the web pages by tapping any word. You can also use the contact information available on any web page just by tapping on emails, phone numbers, and addresses. You can also mute a website, add more search engines, zoom on a web page, or save the web page as a PDF file.

Google Chrome offers all the necessary features you will need while surfing on the internet.

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is another excellent browser offered by another technology giant, Microsoft. This app has got all the capabilities of a good web browser and can compete with Google Chrome also in terms of functionality. This app has got features like tracking prevention, AdBlock, and InPrivate mode, which will protect your privacy while browsing. This browser makes it easier to find things by cutting through the clutter and managing your content. You can save your favorite pages, essential data, and passwords and sync it with the browser on your desktop and other devices. This app is also offering rewards if you search with the Bing search engine.

Firefox Browser

Firefox is a fast, private, and safe browser that allows you to surf through the internet seamlessly. With the Enhanced Tracking Protection, it protects your privacy by automatically blocking more than 2000 online trackers. It has got smart browsing features that will allow you to block ads and keep your privacy, bookmarks, and passwords safe. Firefox browser also allows you to sync your information across devices and share open tabs between mobile and desktop. It creates shortcuts for frequently used websites and also provides intelligent suggestions. Firefox browser lets you open as many tabs you want, and you can also customize the browser with various add-ons. This app can get connected with different social media platforms which will make it easy to share web pages if needed. Firefox also allows video streaming from your phone or laptop to your smart TV. Privacy control, intelligent and faster searches, and various advanced features make it a good web browser to use on your Android device. It can be downloaded for free from Google Play Store.


Opera is a good option to choose from the list of most capable web browsers available for Android. It comes packed with all the necessary features of a good web browser app. It has got an excellent app blocking feature which will make it easier and faster to load the web page you desire. Opera also has a built-in crypto wallet to enable you easy access to web three content. This app can be customized and personalized with your preferences, and it will display you the necessary updates from the world on the homepage, which you might find interesting. Opera also makes it easy to download and sort them. Downloads on the Opera browser are faster, and they are sorted according to the item. You can download things in the background while surfing and delete unnecessary downloads on your phone from the browser only. This app will also compress videos to save data. You can sync your browsing data between phone and desktop if you create an Opera account. Opera has also got a mini version of the app, Opera Mini, with some lesser features. Opera and Opera Mini can both be downloaded for free from Google Play Store.

Samsung Internet Browser

Samsung Internet Browser is one of the web browsers available for Android in beta version. It comes in-built in most of the Samsung devices and is packed with features like swipe gestures, plug-ins, a quick menu, and many more. It has got an ad-blocking feature also which works pretty well. This app has got in-built shortcuts for online shopping websites. This app also supports playing 360-degree videos. This app gives you a faster browsing experience, protects your privacy, and offers advanced features. You can sync bookmarks of this app with Google Chrome on your desktop. It has also got an in-built QR code scanner. This app displays a better browsing history with segregation.

If you are not using a Samsung device and have not got Samsung Internet Browser pre-installed on your phone then you can download it from Google Play Store for free.

There are many web browser applications available for Android, but it is always a challenge to find a browser that is rich with all the necessary features and offers a safe and fast service. We have got the most popular and successful web browsers available for Android in this article. You can pick any of these apps according to your need and compatibility with your device.

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