These Smart Luggage Options Can Make Travelling a Lot Easier

If you are travelling to any other location, then you must be going to deal with tickets, security checks, reaching to the airports and many more. Making these arrangements may prove hectic and above these things you don’t want to add more tension in your travel. One of the most important aspects about the travelling part is preparing your luggage. If you prepare your luggage appropriately, then it can make your travelling experience smoother, which can reduce chaos while travelling.

smart luggage

But if you carry your belongings in a smart Luggage or bag, then it might be helpful for you as well. Here are some of the Smart Luggage that can make your travel more convenient:


It is the most expensive luggage on this list. You may need to spend around $1,500 for getting this product, but you will get everything in this suitcase for which you have to pay.

Literally, you can ride on the top of it. Simply sit on the bag and pull out the handles of the bars. It is like an Electric motorcycle or Suitcase that can travel with the speed of the 7mph with an impressive range of 6-mile. You can carry luggage up to 260Ibs, and it will take around 2 hours to recharge the battery of the Suitcase. Some in-built USB ports can allow you to charge your other devices easily. You won’t get the huge space for carrying the luggage, but if you have this device, then you won’t mind taking fewer belongings with you.

Ovis Auto-follow Suitcase

If you want your Suitcase to follow you, then you are going to love Ovis Suitcase. It is one of the best smart luggage products that prove too useful when you just want to “Set It and Forget It.” In this luggage, you will find the 96Wh battery, which can go behind you at least 13 miles in a single charge with the speed of 6.7mph. In-built two USB ports help you to charge your devices inside your Suitcase.

Other smart features also get offered by this Suitcase like a weight sensor, anti-theft alarm, AI vision with the camera, and GPS tracking. It is cheaper than Modobag.

Samsara Carry-on

If you compare this bag with the previous ones, then you won’t find any WOW factor in this bag. But if you want to focus on the goods and belongings that you want to carry, then it might be a great option for you. The bag has the aluminium body, which is resistant and looks good too.

When you look for its smart features, then you will get that there are a couple of USB ports like Type A and Type C ports that can allow you to charge other devices. It has 10,000mAh battery life with the smart indicator that can indicate you when the Suitcase is opened in your absence. As users can also get the real-time location report and other small features that you can enjoy from the respected application.

Victorinox Lexicon Hardside Expandable Spinner Luggage

All the smart luggage products on the list are amazing, but most of the companies are new, or no one really knows about those brands. If you want the product from any reliable brand, then you might look towards this luggage. The Suitcase is made to last, and the company has taken experience from their product “Swiss Army knife”, which is famous for its use and durability.

You will get the in-built locking system with the integrated USB connection (From exterior port to interior port), but you will not get the battery in this case. The product has limited smart features, but if you buy this product, then you will get the brand recognition, style durability and the quality product from the Victorinox.

Incase ProConnected 4

If you are looking for the product, which is more accessible in price with a quality product, then Incase ProConnected 4 will prove the perfect product for you. The Suitcase has the 600D Polyester outer design that helps the case to look more elegant. It is made from the polycarbonate product, which makes it durable.

This bag doesn’t have as many features as others. You will only get the charging port as the smart feature. But with the 20,100mAh battery, you can use your devices for a long time.

Sunnybag Explorer Plus

It is more like a backpack rather than Suitcase. But you will get more than any backpack. Those who prefer a backpack, then it will be a great option for you. The Sunnybag Explorer Plus has a solar panel that can charge your devices without any issue. If you are an adventure lover, then it is a perfect backpack for you.

XD Design Bobby Original

It is one of the stylish backpacks in the list if you love any elegant pack. These kinds of backpacks are known for the anti-theft features and their resistance, which is quite good. It is a water resistance bag that has hidden zippers and pockets that can protect your belongings. There are some advanced features like integrated USB charging ports to keep your devices charged, which is quite commendable with other elements of this bag.


If you have a suitcase or bag that already has smart features, then it will prove helpful if you use any smart lock with your bag. The Airbolt is one of them that can be controlled via your smartphone just by connecting them with the Bluetooth. From your phone, you can lock or unlock it, or you can create some passcodes that can give access to your family members to unlock or lock your Suitcase. You can also track your Suitcase and get the alerts via the phone’s application.

You can charge this lock through the micro-USB, but you don’t need to charge the battery as the battery life is around 12 months. You can use it with your keys, purse, backpacks and luggage too.


You know about the crowdsourced location tracking, then must know about the Tile. It is also known as the king of the devices that used crowdsourced location tracking features. It works with Bluetooth, and you will get the battery life around 12 months.

There is an application that is smart enough to track where you left your device. It is one of the smart luggage that can help you to find your Tile device even after losing it. For sure, it is one of the best products that can keep your luggage safe.

A good battery packs

If you just want a device that can allow you to charge your device, then it is not a good option to spend money on the whole backpack or suitcase. There are some of the battery packs that can help you to charge your devices on the go. You can find them online on any shopping sites.

These are all the best smart luggage options that you can buy and enjoy your tour.

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