These Tips Will Help You Keep Your Tobacco Pipe in Top Shape

Your pipe is a critical factor in smoking, so it’s only natural that you would want to take care of it. Keeping it in perfect condition ensures that you enjoy your smokes as manufacturers intended; satisfying, smooth, and with a rich taste. This write-up contains a brief history of tobacco pipes and enlightens you on how to care for one.

History of the Pipe You can trace the act of pipe smoking as far as 500 BC Europe, as civilizations smoked herbs and campfire fumes. It wasn’t until the 16th century did American-Indians puff on tobacco using the famous calumet. Then, many saw smoking as it’s with today’s society, a rite of passage into adulthood.

The high respect for tobacco is evident in the fantastic craftsmanship that past societies put in their design of pipes and accessories. A tradition we still get to witness in modern-day tobacco products, such as the elegant design in one of Smoker’s Outlet best sellers Zen Tubes 250 ct. Blue King.

Tips to Keeping Your Pipe in Top Shape · Cleaning Employ quality pipe reamers, shank scrapers, and other pipe tools when cleaning your pipes. And deep clean only when necessary.

· Remove Tobacco Avoid leaving tobacco in your pipe when it’s not in use. If you aren’t looking to smoke in less than 20 minutes, remove all residue.

· Avoid Containers and Bags A common mistake most people make is leaving their pipes in compartments. They feel leaving it in the open could damage or wear it out. This belief is wrong, as keeping your tobacco pipe in containers could lead to a smelly pipe.

· Avoid Direct Sunlight and Heat It would help if you also didn’t leave pipes in direct sunlight. Please place them in racks instead, as manufacturers design these accessories to provide maximum aeration and durability for your pipes. If you practiced the habit of keeping your smoking tools in containers, or sense an unpleasant odor, perform a deep clean using cleaners soaked in alcohol.

· Use Your Palms Try not to hammer your tobacco pipe on hard surfaces during cleaning, use the palm of your hand instead.

· Rotate Your Pipes Ideally, you have more than one pipe. Don’t re-smoke one that’s still hot or used less than two hours ago. Keeping at least two pipes helps you avoid this scenario without your having to put a pen in your pleasure time.

Final Thoughts Remember, getting the best smoke means having a quality pipe and tobacco, smoking one without the other limits the extent of your pleasure. Smoker’s Outlet knows this and provides customers with a one-stop solution to get only the most exceptional quality. Buy premium products such as the Gambler Pipe Tobacco 1 lb Regular or the Golden Harvest Pipe Tobacco 1 lb Robust.

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