They don’t abuse the system because it is necessary

They don’t abuse the system because it is necessary. They do it because someone has unnecessarily reported them for OSRS Items a matter they believe to be okay even if the issue is serious. What they are looking to do therefore is cause the most chaos they can in order to retaliate against the person who reported them If they get unmuted, the first step is to engage with the person who has reported them, should they know, or just flame around. While this may not be the case for everyone I have seen a lot of them.

Are mutes efficient? They don’t. People have as much freedom as everyone else. They are still able to cause chaos even when they’re not being hampered and some return worse than before, many remain the same. It is extremely rare that someone will return and get a fresh start. The mutes can have a gradual effect on the individual as they get older however, it’s not forever.

It is crucial to remember that there are other people who are being unfairly ignored. My case is for people who deliberately cause chaos within the community, causing disruption to it and destroy friendships.

What is the next step? Do we continue as before, let people stay as they were before the mute? Or be more severe and harsh? Reduce punishment. I’m not sure. However, I believe the muting system is not working. It causes more anger than it benefits. Quickchat has destroyed the reason for muting.

Quickchat is the obvious solution. Does it be effective? It could, indeed. However, many people will remain unhappy. Eliminate the players? Maybe, but that’s eliminating those who comprise the community, those who help the game grow. It’s really the mindset of the players who committed the offense that requires sorting out, but this is a real person and it’s an online game. Is it possible to change the person? I hope this has given you some ideas to Buy Old School RuneScape Gold consider and end with the same query I began with: do mutes work? Thank you so much for taking the time to read.

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