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Bowles: the playoffs need God to help

New York Jets still retain hope that the impact of the playoffs, but they have lost the initiative. Coach Todd – Bowles (Todd Bowles) said he was not concerned about whether the playoffs: “If God rugby think we are entitled, under the remaining two games that we have the ability to win maybe we. make the playoffs, maybe not. but now we do not have to worry about these, because we can not control the results. “

The raids have Karl, Lynch, and Michael Coratri, in addition to Michael Coratree, in the offensive group, and in addition to MICHAEL COOPEREE. If the defensive group has improved compared to the last season, the raid person should be able to become a new England team with no more powerful championships.

Baldwin completed breakthrough performance last season, gaining 14 ball reaches, and column first. And when the 4-point guards gave him 139.9, four-point guards were the highest in the alliance. He deserves this contract.

There is currently no team to approach trading Sherman’s offer

Tuesday, Richard Sherman did not participate in the Wiequat of Seattle Hawks a headline news. Along with the rumors about him will be traded, all this seems to be true.

Quadruple Deike Carle: Warrior Winning

Beijing June 15th Jinzhou Warriors bring the NBA champion to the Bay area. And see they celebrate the Auckland raid players more powerful to win the Cheap Nfl Jerseys From China champion.

“Every time you see another team to celebrate the championship, you will make you hungry when you win the championship,” said the four-point guardian Derek Carr. “This lets you continue to do a dream from childhood, you stand on the stage to raise a trophy. I saw the Warriors won the championship. I am happy to them. I hope they will continue to win the championship.”

Currently Jets and the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Kansas City Chiefs were flat in terms of record, but the American League record worse than civil war chiefs, the same performance in the face of opponents can not compete with the Steelers, the team only behind the American League 7. Currently the team 9 wins and 5 losses, opponents the next two weeks will be the New England Patriots and Buffalo Bills.

In Marshawn Lynch, the four-point guardian Wilson stood out in the second half of the season, Baldwin’s new part of Baldwin means the future. Passing offensive will play a more important role in the Hawks. More importantly, the core players who can foresee the future Hawks keep the championship lineup let them have a realistic opportunity to launch an impact on the championship every year.

Another security guard Cam – Chancellor (Kam Chancellor) said he fully understand the meaning of his teammates: “As players, we have to use this way of thinking to consider whether the opponent Rogers injured I do not care, I only care about. he himself. when playing the spirit of twelve long as he is on the court, regardless of his status, he can lead the team in scoring. he has the ability to kill the game. I respect such a player, we have to face him. “

Earl – Thomas Rogers disregard leg injury

The whole week, the media have emphasized the Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron – Rogers (Aaron Rodgers) of leg problems, we believe, injury problems will limit the ability of Rogers. However, Seattle Seahawks swim guard Earl – Thomas (Earl Thomas) does not think so, he was prepared to ignore Rogers injuries.

Some media said this week’s game will be the Patriots Bowles coaching career in the most crucial game, the rookie coach Obviously this is not quite cold for:? “The most important game of his career hope I can continue for a long coaching career , so I’m not worried about the result of this game. “

Thomas said: “I’m not going to break the news seriously, the last game I saw him run out of the pocket, moved to the sideline to complete a pass so I will not be cheated, I will ignore his injury, with the past. . the way to judge his actions, “whether it is healthy or injury in the body, Thomas will go all the way to express their own respect for Rogers:” I have rarely seen a white quarterback like him, with such strong spiritual strength, unyielding sense of competition, and I respect him very much. “

Dick Prescot: Stand with the ball, let me “feel good”

More than six months ago, Dak Prescott missed the season because of an ankle fracture. As Dallas denim quadrant defending the stretcher, all fans in Texas have been frustrated.

Prescart said in the interview on Wednesday, cheap nfl jerseys From China said: “It is difficult to express this feeling in language.” “Six months ago, I was sent out of the game and knew that my season was ended. But just passed For a few months, you can throw the ball from just sitting on the chair. You can stand up and train. This is so good. I have a new progress in these few weeks. This is exciting. part.”

This is a gratifying sign because Prescot is recovering from complex right ankle fractures and dislocation. After Prescott started 69 consecutive games in his career, Prescot was spent on 11 games in the 2020 season.

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