They let to demonstrate all of your greatness

They let to demonstrate all of your greatness and Dofus Kamas your achievements in game. More rare and less common than titlesthey embellish your nick with wings, small pictures, a box as well as Dofus! Some, however, have some defects, like a misalignment centered in being in an alliance or, for all, the screen of this Omega level deteriorating the appearance of your name decoration.

Distributed a lot more readily, and especially for brief unique events such as Temporis, the names are absolutely particular although they take only 1 line. They can even be unlocked by sporting objects.

Offering a Zaap, a lottery and a chest, they permit you to personalize one or more bits at your leisure and through distinct topics, bringing a fresh layer of creation inside Dofus. With over 28 possible topics and hundreds of items to place, each Haven Bag is unique, and especially to your own taste!

They let a customization pushed into the extreme of Dofus match’s customer and are relatively accessible even to Dofus players allergic to computers!

By Tactic mode to fonts, buttons, text formats and illustration graphics, 80% of what’s observable in Dofus game through the interfaces is modifiable enough freely, to live the Dofus you want! With hundreds and hundreds of creatures, and Buy Kamas Dofus Retro as many NPCs in play, it would be a shame to miss out. Thus, it’s possible to… transform completely!

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