Things About the Movie Shrek 5 You Did Not Know

Shrek’s first movie released in 2001 and as this century moved forward, we saw three more films in the franchise. There were repeated reports of a final fifth movie, but it has never been a sure announcement. At present, plans for the anticipated film are confusing and unsure. At present, there are rumors that the movie may release two years later. Here are some other highlights of the movie.

The Merger

Four years back, Comcast NBC Universal, famous for their Despicable Me movies, took over Dreamworks. Right after the merger, the company announced the fifth installment of the Shrek movie. It would have been the first big project undertaken after the merger of these two giants known for their animated films. The excitement in fans ran high because a different perspective was about to enter the franchise, and they did not know if it would be a good thing or not.

Despicable Me Producers Put In Charge

Despicable Me is an example of great animation, sweet story and innovative presentation. The movies were such that even though their target audience was pre-teens and younger kids, everyone enjoyed it. The producers did a great job with the Despicable Me

Franchise, but the problem was that their style was very distinct from the Shrek movies. The only shared ground was that it was in the kids’ animation section. The team that made the Minions would not have been able to write Shrek and Fiona’s story equally well.


The Fifth movie Was Always the Plan

When Shrek was part of Dreamworks, they had much bigger plans for it. They state that they intended to complete 5 Shrek movies publicly in 2016. His statement revealed that when the first movie was still in the process of completion, they had charted out the entire plan for every upcoming Shrek chapter. The final movie was supposed to be sort of an origin story that would end up connecting with the first movie.

Existing Script

The scriptwriter for Boss Baby, Micheal McCullers, had prepared a final draft for the last Shrek movie. It was no secret because he spoke about it multiple times. He was always optimistic about the possible reception of the final movie by the fans and talked about it in numerous interviews.

Other Movie

According to some sources, the movie did start developing, but they shelved the project to focus on another film within the purview of Shrek franchise. That film was Puss and Boots 2: Nine Lives and Forty Thieves. That film has not been released yet, but it’s IMDB page raises expectations.

Intent to Reinvent the Franchise

With the announcement of the merger, the next natural move was to create something monumental and establish the worth of the merger. But another fact was that the acquiring company Universal wanted things to be done in the way they prefer. The fifth Shrek movie could have been the first project they released, but it would have been a standalone project and part of a series at the same time. People would not have appreciated a different take even if it was better because they would always end up creating a comparison between the new and old movies

Return of Original Cast

Shrek 5 was not supposed to be a literal continuation of Shrek Forever After, but the characters would have been the same. Eddie Murphy, Mike Myers, and Cameron Diaz were all geared up for the new movie. It was a smart move to keep the original cast intact because if all else failed, this would have brought nostalgia. But unfortunately, we will not get a chance to judge that.

The Shrek movies released in 2001, 2002, 2007, and 2010. 2016 was the first time the fifth movie was mentioned, and since then there have been many changes to the plan. Let us see what the ultimate fate of the film is.

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