Things parents should remember while buying jewellery for kids

Who says that kids cannot own jewellery? As much as women love accessories, so do young girls. Like adult outfits, kids’ costumes are incomplete without accessories. When children reach a specific age, kids jewellery can be a great item to teach them rules and responsibilities. Getting your child their first ring or necklace is memorable, but you want your child to be safe while wearing jewellery.

So, if you are struggling to find the right jewellery for girls, here are some tips –


Buying jewellery for children of any age is a gamble as there are chances, they will lose or break any jewellery you give them. They run and play around a lot without care. So, make sure as beautiful as those jewellery pieces are, they are sturdy, durable, and simple. When they play around, children are more like to scratch or hit the jewellery. So, make sure the jewellery piece is not fragile and can withstand damages.

Keep it stylish

Even though they are kids, they have their style and interests. Whether it is a bracelet or necklace with hearts, studs, charms, hoops, flowers, or feathers, make sure it matches their interests. Say, if your girl is a Disney princess fan, make sure she has it on the pendant.


The moment your child gets the first bracelet or necklace or earrings, it is unusual for them. The moment also makes your child feel sophisticated, responsible, and older. You might want to take them for jewellery shopping so that they can choose what they prefer. The even gets etched in their memory forever. So, try it out and let them pick what they need.

Child’s age

Always remember the age of the child. When in doubt, remember, birthstones are the perfect fit for children of any age group. Moreover, rubber or leather accessories are also perfect for them, given their durability. It is ideal to buy the first kids jewellery at the age of five and slowly move to bracelets and necklaces by six.

Keep them organised

Buying a lot of jewellery could pose a threat to their safety. Make sure they are well organised for preventing them from getting tangled or lost. The best way to manage this is by getting jewellery organiser for kids. This teaches children how to be responsible and keep their jewellery safely.

Safety is a priority

The first thing to remember while keep jewellery safe from kids is their age. Ask the question, what jewellery can you gift the kid according to their age? Also, the jewellery you provide them should not be something they can swallow. Make sure to check clasps thoroughly. The jewellery should withstand children playtime, so let them stay away from glass ones. Consider your child’s metal allergies too.

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